Thursday, October 24, 2013


There is a llama farm down the street from Jaime and Kyle's farm. The llamas are so funny, mostly funny looking but funny in other ways too. Most of the time I just see them on my way to and from the farm, grazing, eating, laying. The other day we went for a ride/drive down the road. I took Dexter, Jaime was driving Notch, and Kyle and Terry were riding Clutch and Reba and we went by the farm.

The llamas were quite intrigued by us as we went by. I think they mostly see cars. And they started running. . .in a giant llama group to us. . .
They were judging us
Dexter was not impressed and wanted to get away from the llamas as quickly as possible. He was really good about but he wanted to trot on by. Notch spooked at a plastic bag that was caught up on the llama fencing. Pretty much nothing bothers Clutch. And Reba, well Reba wanted to meet the llamas.
Hello llamas!
It was pretty cute. Tacking her up is a chore for Terry because Reba wants to go go go. But as soon as Terry gets on, Reba is all business. She loves being out and about. Terry even got Reba to canter (which is a hard task) and had a race with Kyle and Clutch. Poor Dexter wanted to join in and tried his hardest  to keep up but just couldn't, little pony legs just can't compete with Clydesdale and Shire legs. 

It was a nice ride and drive through the countryside.
Such a good good pony!
Once we got back to the farm, we went out back in the freshly plowed fields. We had ten acres to roam about. Jaime put Notch to work while Terry and Kyle messed around with their horses. Dexter's four wheel cart is not cut out for all terrain, but we did a few laps back and forth. Dexter is such a fun pony to drive and I love his trot. 

As we were going out back, we passed Shyloh and Issac in the pasture. They ran up to the fence nickering, looking like they were upset they got left behind. I had to tell Shy that if she knew how to behave in a cart, I would take her. On our way back, she did her manliest of deep sounding nickers. 

After we put horses up, we went out for ice cream and had birthday cake for my birthday. Fun times!

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  1. Happy Birthday to you. Sounds like you had an awesome celebration. Mom wants the neighbors to get a Llama so I'll get used to them!

    1. I have not taken Shy by them yet. . .but they are some goofy looking animals!

  2. Sounds like a great way to celebrate, happy birthday!

  3. Happy birthday! So in a semi-related story, when I was showing at our county fair one year, the Llama tent was right next to our stalls and this lady took her llamas home every night... IN HER MINIVAN! She would pull up each morning, open the sliding door and they would climb out! Crazy, huh?!

    1. Crazy llama lady!! That would have been a sight to see!

  4. Ohh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xox

  5. Happy birthday!!!!!! What an awesome way to spend your birthday! Cool! :D

  6. Oops, I accidentally deleted L. Williams comment : LLAMAS!!!! My fat fingers hit the wrong part of the screen on my phone.

  7. I love that you all ride AND drive together! Also love llamas...


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