Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 in review

Shyloh has come such a long was since she came home to me! Let's look at 2011 in review. . .
Shyloh Day 1!!
January - June 2011
No Shyloh

July 2011
  • I went and looked at Shyloh and fell in love immediately. I was not quite sure that I was ready for the challenge of owning a horse, but so far it seems to be working out.
  • Shyloh came home on July 22nd. I had her pasture boarded. Shy took all the changes in stride, but was very much afraid of people.
  • Shy was impossible to catch! It took a few days before we realized that grain was the magic answer.
  • It took a few days, but I finally came up with a new name for Shyloh. Pumpkin just didn't seem to fit her. . .
  • Shy made her first boyfriend, Baby Bob when she was stalled next to him for a few days due to the heat. Shy got a second live-in boyfriend, Chick, when he was pasture boarded with her, until she continuously ate his grain with his supplements.
August 2011
  • I started to work on A LOT of desensitizing stuff with Shyloh. Balls, bags, cones, poles, spray bottles, hula hoops, tarps, obstacles, and a labyrinth.
  • I tried to ride Shy and fell off of her on the other side. She is terrified of mounting blocks and mounting from the ground is not my speciality. I rode her another day.  I can't call it a success, but it was not a complete failure either. . .aside from the fact that the dismount broke my bra.
  • Catching Shy became slightly easier and less time consuming, and I was able to finally take her halter off. We graduated from using grain to catch her to using a peppermint or butterscotch.
  • I started Shy on her supplements of Magnesium, B1, red raspberry leaf, and ground flax seed.
September 2011
  • I took Shyloh out to the big pasture for the first time, she loved it! She had all the geldings going crazy!
  • It was the start of the never ending rain and mud.  Shy got a little fungus on her neck, Funga-a-cide took care of it.
  • Chick got moved back inside because Shy kept stealing his grain, so Shy got a new paddock mate, Caeser. He ended up being pretty mean to her and took a couple chunks out of her skin.
  • We started working on the mounting block and continued our desensitizing work.
  • Shy knocked down part of her paddock fence and escaped, looking for grass of course! And she cut her side pretty deep while kicking down the fence.
  • Shy has started to show her playful/social side. 
October 2011
  • Shyloh had a new boyfriend, Forseti for a while, and then another new boyfriend, Ryleigh.
  • Still doing ground work and desensitizing work and started working with long lines.
  • Mike got us a bridle and saddle pad so I started taking Shy on trail walks to prepare us for trail rides.
  • Shy thinks it is good fun to play "catch me if you can." It is not fear based anymore.
  • Shy's winter coat has started to grow in!
  • I found the first food that Shy won't eat. . .pumpkin!
  • Shyloh moved into a stall. I was not too happy about it, but it seems to have worked out for the best.
  • Shy "dressed up" as My Little Pony for Halloween!
Novemeber 2011
  • We had our first lesson with Beth and learned a ton! I also started riding Ryleigh.
  • We continued doing ground work, mostly lunging and long lines.
  • I started working at the barn and the rain continues to fall, flooding the pastures.
  • Shyloh continues to play "catch me if you can." I am not impressed. . .but I did discover that she cannot resist the temptation of a peppermint wrapper crinkle.
  • Ryleigh has grown extremely attached to Shy and is may be getting a little possessive of her.
  • I started riding Shy bareback!
  • Shy got a hag bag, which was destroyed within the week. Then she got a slow feeding hay net and went on a couple hour hunger strike to protest.
December 2011
  • I have continued riding Shyloh bareback and she is wonderful!
  • I started riding Shy off of the lunge line and she continues to be wonderful, but is getting testy.
  • Shy still has mounting block issues, but we figured out a temporary fix.
  • Shy finally got outside to graze on a few days that it didn't rain and the flood waters had gone down.
  • We started working on our free jumping!
  • Shy started hanging out with Casi in the arena and they have a blast running around, bucking, and farting.
  • Shy has really turned a corner in trust and bonding with me.
  • Shy escaped from the arena and discovered the hay closet.
  • Shy and her friends got some rhythm beads for Christmas, hopefully we can use them on trail rides this summer!
Shyloh today!
Looking back it is helpful to see how much progress Shy and I have made and how we have bonded. It is reassuring to see all the work we have done and how far we came. I originally intended for this blog to be a private journal of my adventure with Shyloh, but I am glad that I have found all of you that read and comment! I have made some new blog friends and I have received tons of help and advice! I really appreciate it! Have a Happy New Year!!


  1. Camryn here:
    Hafy New Year to you!!! Sounds like this year has been awesome for you and your Mom. Here's hoping that 2012 is even better big time!!! Even more boyfriends maybe

  2. The best to you both in 2012!

  3. Sounds like you two have come a long way. :) Keep up the great work. Happy New Year!

  4. You are great at any endeavor you embark on and I am glad you have each other to make the journey. Shyloh is a new horse thanks to you.
    Good Luck in 2012 Shyloh and Allison.

  5. Thank you everyone! I am excited to see what 2012 will bring for us!

  6. Happy New Year...may all your dreams come true.

  7. How fun to relive 2011 - I remember most everything you mentioned here! I'm eager to keep reading through-out 2012 too! Happy New Year to you and Shyloh!!

  8. Sounds like you had a busy year :)

    Funny that she went on a hunger strike about the slow feeder net, the mares I know took to them a lot faster than the boys. To each their own, I guess.

  9. Owning a horse most be a lot of work but super fun to.


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