Friday, December 16, 2011

freezing friday

Brrrr. . . it was a cold night! I spent a little time with Shyloh at the barn, but I did not have enough layers on to keep warm. Shy has temporarily moved stalls because her stall flooded from all the rain we have been getting. Right now, she is right between Chick and Casi, on the complete other side of the barn. I am grateful that Beth had her moved to a dry stall until her's dries out.

I took Shy outside to graze a little bit. Kathy and Casi joined us. It was freezing out, but the horses seemed happy to be out. We had a heck of a time trying to get them back in the barn! They loved being out and gobbling grass!
Even though this photo is blurry, I like how the wind made her mane into a mohawk

After, we took Shy and Casi into the arena to run around. Casi really loves to run! And he has such a pretty trot and canter. It looks like he is floating on air. It is beautiful! And his tail gets so high, it's almost straight up! 
Run Casi Run!

Shyloh was doing her head toss and refusing to run at first, but she finally got into the swing of it. Soon, her and Casi were running around the arena and Shy was bucking for fun! Casi started bucking back, but they both kept up the running, so Kathy and I were not worried. They seemed to be having so much fun. 
Trying to keep up!

I gave her a few treats, then I had to finish Christmas shopping. After being disappointed at several stores, I finally found the last thing on my list! Glad that is done, I will not be going to any more stores for a while. . .it is a mad house out there! Now to finish  my secret project, wrap these gifts, and stay warm with the dogs for the night. Back to the barn in the morning.
Casi probably lapped her, which is the only reason she would be in front!

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  1. Casi is hawling boogie!
    What fun to let them run!
    Sorry about the rain - that's awful. Wish we would get some - but then again, maybe I don't, since our temps are so low, it would just be tons of snow!


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