Sunday, December 25, 2011

monday musings by shyloh #17

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! I know I did! Allie and aunt Kathy let me and Casi, and then me and Ryleigh go outside on Christmas Eve! Most pastures are still muddy and some have ice spots, but the small one was okay, so that is where we went. We didn't go crazy or anything like some of the big TBs might go, we just stuck our heads right down and got to business. . .grazing!
nom nom nom. . .grass is good!
We got to go outside today, too!  It was so nice to have the cool breeze and sun on our backs. I just loved it! I must say that I am glad I have a stall. I stay clean, but most importantly dry. My old paddock is still flooded and so muddy. I feel bad for poor Notch out there! But the mud only goes to his pasterns, where if I was out there it would probably go up to my stifles!

Allie took a ride on me the other day and set up a little obstacle course for us to do. Because we did this so so many times before she started riding me, I was a pro! I went right through it without a problem. Around, through, and over. Easy as pie!
Beginner's obstacle course
Although, while I was doing the obstacle course, Beth decided it was time for dinner! I saw her walking down the aisle with the hay wagon and throw my dinner hay in my stall . . .I was so  torn! Allie was telling me to go one way (which was away from the door, my stall, and my hay), but I wanted to go another way(toward the door, my stall, and my hay). I tried to compromise. . .I faced the way Allie was directing me to go, but I made my legs move another way, towards my stall. I can do quite the fancy footwork when I want to!  But, I was unsuccessful and I had to do the obstacle course one last time. Then Allie let me eat!
Am I too young to start shaving my legs? They are pretty hairy. . .
Allie taught me to play ball. Her version of ball is to kick toward me and then I run away snorting and sometimes bucking. It really is fun and I am not really afraid of the ball! Then we tried to another ball game, roll the ball back and forth. Allie would push it toward me and I would push it back!  
I'm cute!
Another fun thing to do is play with Casi. I get him to chase me, then throw side bucks out at him! Casi thinks this is so much fun, too, because he does the same thing! I only try my hardest to play and be extra goofy when Allie isn't looking. I need her to think that I am a serious horse. So, if I am in my stall playing with my Lick-It or Jolly Ball, as soon as I see Allie, I stop. And when I play with Casi, it is usually when Allie is not around. But I got word that Aunt Kathy told on me and Casi the other day. . .and I think Allie was spying on us from out a window today while we were playing. I need to watch myself! I really need to keep up my "serious" horse demeanor. I cannot be confused for one of those silly mini horses or ponies just because I am vertically challanged! 

Time to eat my dinner hay. . .I'll let Allie tell you all about the wreck that was the bareback saddle pad another time. . .


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