Monday, December 12, 2011

monday musings by shyloh #15

See how fuzzy I am?
Another weekend gone by. . .And what a cold weekend it was! Good thing I have grown a nice, thick, fuzzy coat to keep me warm, even though I am stuck inside. Although, I did get to use my coat for a short time when Allie took me outside to eat delicious, delicious grass! It was really icy out, but I didn't mind since I was on a quest for the best grass.
Casi and Kathy
Ryleigh and Robin
Speaking of deliciousness, Allie gave me something new to try!. It was warm and it had carrots in it. . .it was bran mash! I hope I get some more of that soon.
I love to eat yummy things in the sun!
I guess that I am not allowed to hang out with Ryleigh anymore because he is mean to me. I don't mind, but I guess Robin does. If it really bothered me, I would let him know, for sure! So, now I am hanging out with Casi. He loves to run and tries his hardest to get me to run with him. I will run for a little bit, but my legs are not nearly as long as his! And I think my thick winter coat slows me down a bit. . .just a little bit.
Whad up!
I was measured this weekend. . .I was not too happy about it! Doesn't Allie know not to measure a girl before she has gone on a diet? Like I would ever diet. . .voluntarily. . .Anyway, she put this thing on my back to see how wide I was. Like, I said, I was not pleased and I made my thinking noise to prove my point. I also tried to scoot away from it, but Allie got the measurement. I heard something about being in between a medium-wide and wide. Does that mean I'm fat? If that thing is for a saddle, I don't plan on cooperating. Saddles mean work!
Does my butt look big with this tail?
So, Allie thought she got real smart on me. . .but I showed her. She turned the mounting block around, so I had to go between it and the wall. This way, I was not able to step out to the side when she tried to get on me. While I was busy thinking about how to get out of that predicament, Allie just up and got on me! I'll admit, I was a little stunned. We started walking, but then I thought better. I stopped. Then I refused to move. Ha! Allie was squeezing my sides and telling me to walk on, but I stood as still as a statue. Finally, I decided to move, but I. . .moved. . .so. . .slow. . .hahahaha!
Don't mess with the best!
Allie got off of me and looked around kinda confused. But then we went to the mounting block again. And she hopped right on me once again! Well, it was time for me to play statue again. And then the whole scene repeated. Allie checked me out to make sure I was okay, which I was. I was running around just before, I just can't make things too easy for Allie! Think of all the things I would have to do if Allie had an easy time with me! No thanks!
Trouble is my middle name. . .
She tried the same thing again the next day, mounting with me against the wall. I let her get on me right away, but. . .to mix it up a bit and keep Allie on her toes, I took off. . .at a fast walk. She made me stop and stand for a bit, then got right off me. Hahaha. 

Well, I think I will be spending the rest of the night thinking up of ways to mess with Allie.
Or I could dream about eating more grass. . .


  1. Lol, I love Monday musings.

    When Jack was first broken in he would NOT move forward unless someone was lunging him for around a week. Then I took him out in the paddock and he was like a different horse haha.

    Sugar, on the other hand, seems to HATE going slow. I asked her for a trot yesterday and the first two times were BEAUTIFUL. Then I asked once more (pushing my luck, I know) and she took off in her death trot, pinned her ears and tried to bite my leg! Not happy. But at least she is relaxing now when she walks, I guess that's SOMETHING.

    I've never made bran mash, is it easy to make?

  2. Oh I bet you liked that bran mash! ;) Laz likes his low sugar/calorie version of soaked Beet pulp too. Especially when it's warm on a cold day. It was COLD this weekend..brr, BUT the sun made it seem better.

  3. You are doing a great job of outsmarting your human! Gotta keep them on their toes!!!

  4. Shyloh, it sounds like you have Allie all figured out. But you need to consider where all that wonderful carrot-laced bran mush is coming from. (and btw: your tail is the exact right size for your butt...)

  5. Megan, Thanks! That is good to hear :) I did not make the bran mash, but it seemed real simple. Take hot water and mix with the bran, add carrots and/or apples. serve!

    Kristen, I might have to try the beet pulp, too. This weekend was freezing, but Sunday was much better than Saturday.

    Dreaming, So true. Life would be boring without a horse to mix it all up!

    Bob, Good point, although I think Shy knows that no matter what she does, she will get food! I will let her know her tail is looking good on that butt :)

  6. Shy is such a clever girl. She is lucky, her mash sounds very tasty!

  7. Typically I think that if a horse won't stand next to the mounting block they've got an issue with the saddle, but since she's so green she might just be nervous.

    Have you stepped up on the mounting block without getting on her? If she's getting anxious maybe that would help. Walk by the block, step up, get off, walk around, step up, get off... and so on. Or you could try moving her around the block while you're standing on it. She could walk around the block, stop, turn, walk the other way, stop, turn... That might help relax her too.

  8. It is wonderful you are able to spend so much time with your horses.

    Thanks for your comments...I cannot reply to them as they are listed as a noreplycomment-blogger...

  9. Gail, thats strange. . .I think Blogger has been having comment issues lately.


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