Saturday, January 14, 2012

the day after

I'm still sore. And sore in places that I didn't think hit the ground that hard. I am starting to get a magnificent rainbow bruise on my butt. Shyloh was a little cautious around me today, as if she did not know how to react because she was not sure how I would react. 

I took her outside and she spend some time grazing with Ryleigh and some time grazing with Casi. She just loves to be outside! I caught her a few times using her hoof to clear any snow or ice that was covering the grass she wanted to eat.
grass finder!
After a few hours outside, I brought Shy in and groomed her. I took my time and spent extra time on all the spots she loves to be brushed. We need to spend some quality bonding time together. 

Next, I wanted to clean out Shy's cut on her head. I am not sure how she got this cut, but she keeps doing it, on the same spot. It is from some place in her stall. My best guess is that she is laying down at night and smacking it on the metal piece that holds one of her water buckets up. 

I have been putting Corona Ointment on it each day I go to the barn, but every time I come back, it has bedding in it and does not appear to be healing. Plus, Shy does not like me to touch it or put medicine on it.
Shy's boo boo
So, I warmed some water to clean it out and clean the old ointment from the surround hair. She surprised me by letting me do this without a problem! Next, I wanted to put something over the wound that would stay on, keep the sawdust out, and protect it. I had just the thing, some Alushield spray. I knew this would be a problem for two reasons; the cut is just above her eye, and she hates spray things.

Kathy helped me hold Shy's head and cover her eye. Once again, I was surprised with Shy! She didn't even flinch. Now she has a silver mark right above her eye. I hope it promotes the cut to heal.
Silver bling on the boo boo!
Before I left, I spent some time with Shy in the arena, just hanging out. She is still not sure about us, but we will get there again. One step forward, two steps back, right?

Oh, and Shyloh has a few interesting, new, and cool things coming up! Can't wait!!


  1. They seem to know, don't they?

    This is one reason I let my horses go, I am not as brave as you.

    Heal quickly.

  2. Camryn here:
    Yup you always find more sore places the day after! Day three all starts falling back in place though. And tell your Momma that a human falling off our backs can be as big a confidence buster to us as to the human!!!
    Mom n me both been there done that on both counts

  3. Camryn, I can tell it has broken Shy's confidence :(
    But we will just work on gaining it back, both of ours!

  4. That cut is weird. Is there some way you can wrap something around the metal parts to see if that's what it is? Hope it heals up quickly.

    I'm glad you're feeling better. I hope the soreness fades soon. Good for you spending some bonding time with Shy. You'll get there, just be patient. :)

    1. Thanks! Patience is what we seem to be doing, even though everyone is trying to rush me. Rush me to do what? I have no idea! I'm not going to show, so we have no time schedule.


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