Sunday, January 8, 2012

shyloh's conformation

I joined this group on Facebook called Confo Confab. The group was created from a conformation critique a reader of Fugly Horse of the Day submitted of her own horse. According to the comments, the general consensus was that even though the horse did have some conformation flaws, he was a great horse and very loved by his owner. It was quite surprising that the comments leaned toward the positive, since FHOTD focuses on poking fun of horses posted on Craig's List and their sellers, horses used for breeding that are sub-par, rescue stories, and exposing trainer abuse. 

Anyway, I submitted a photo of Shyloh for the group to critique and this is what I got:

Kari L
Ok, let's see if I can confuse everyone!
It was a little hard to judge my lines through the harness and winter fuzz, so if I'm off, say something.
She's definitely uphill as far as topline (top blue line); her withers are well above her croup. She is *slightly* downhill from hip joint to base of the neck (top green line), but nearly even from hock to knee (bottom green line). 
Her shoulder is a bit upright - just short of 90 degrees. Her hip is very nicely balanced; note the perfect equilateral triangle. 
One thing that you can't see from the lines is that her overall length of body is a bit long - or alternatively, her legs are a bit short. Typical pony. Her hip and back are nice equal lengths, but shoulder is a bit short (purple lines).
What does it mean? I would guess that she drives from behind quite well, and really gets her legs under for for "functionally uphill" movement. Her shoulder may not have much range of movement so her strides will be short and slightly choppy, but powerful.
Kari L I can't tell much about her legs between the fuzz and the way she's standing; looks like she might be slightly post legged behind and tied in at the knee, but mostly good.
Snarky Rider Is it just the picture or does it look like her (?) left front toe is pointing waaaay out?
Katherine C I think she looks really nice. :) Nice hip/shoulder/pastern angles, nice neck, and a nice stout barrel. How old is she, and what breed? Does she ride, or just drive? She's super cute. :)
Snarky Rider That is one *very* geometric pony :P

I know absolutely nothing regarding conformation and I was wondering what my readers thought about Shy. Regardless if Shy had a downhill slope you could ski on and her legs were all different lengths and twisted every which way, I would still love this sassy pony!


  1. I'm not great on conformation either. I can only pick out the basic stuff; cow hocked, toed in, missing leg... that sort of stuff!
    But, you are right - as is Katharine - she is darn cute!

  2. She has the cute factor all wrapped up, that's what I say!

  3. I'd be able to help if she were a Cardigan Welsh Corgi having shown and bred them for many years in the past. Saying that, if Camryn were a Cardigam, she would most definitly NOT win a Best In Show!!! Nor would she kick anyones butt in the Haflinger ring I'd venture to guess. Being my gurl however like Shy is yours, she's in the ribbon every day.

  4. Sounds like she got a really good critique! :) Judging by the lines she looks really well put together. I think she's a really nice Haflinger and I also think she's absolutely adorable. :D Thanks for sharing the Facebook group. I'm going to join too. If I get a critique I'll post mine too.


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