Friday, January 6, 2012

wavering weather

Wow. This weather is definitely not the usual for January. Monday it was probably 17 degrees out. I took Shy on a snow walk. . . because we had snow on that day. I thought it was particularly cute how she would use her lips to "clear" an area of snow to get to the grass below. We had a fun little walk/trot around the property on her lead line. After our walk was when I (foolishly) let her into the big pond pasture to run around. And when she did not want to leave.
Windy day
I got this grass!
Gotta love cold snow grass!
I can find you, grass!
Today it was 52 degrees outside! What is going on? The snow melted and it was so beautiful. A handful of horses got to go in the big pond pasture today. Ryleigh and Shyloh went in a small pasture. The other pastures are still flooded. They were out all day and loving every minute of it. And now I have a very muddy pony, but I don't mind. Her enjoyment of spending the day outside on this beautiful warm January day is worth it. And the best part, when it was time to get her, she walked right up to me at the gate! No games!
No more snow. . . 
Why are her eyes always closed?
GF and BF grazing together
I am not complaining about this heat wave in January! Not one bit! I am glad it will continue to be nice this weekend, as I plan on being at the barn and getting in a long overdue bareback ride. 

Tomorrow I am going to a place to look at some stuff. . . :) I hope I can find what I am looking for!


  1. That is some crazy weather you have. It has just been darn warm here for about a month. Not that I'm complaining too loud, but it's kind of scary.

  2. We're having the same crazy weather! I'll probably put up a post tomorrow showing our new snow....expected this afternoon and evening. We were at 62 on Thursday!
    So...what stuff are you looking for? Can't wait to see!

  3. Yep, weird weather here too. I enjoy the warm days and I'm totally not complaining about them either. It's just . . . interesting. :)


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