Monday, January 2, 2012

monday musings by shyloh #18

Do I like the snow? Do I like being outside? Do I like running around? The answer is no. . .I LOVE it!!

But because of my great love of the outdoors, I was a bad pony! I was not listening to Allie and she was getting frustrated and mad at me. It went something like this. . .

Allie: Hey Shyloh, want to go play in the big pasture for a little bit?

Sure! There is grass there! And it is hidden under the snow. Like hide and seek. What fun!

So I ate and I ran and I played. But I guess Allie was getting cold and wanted to go in. . .

Allie: Let's go Shy!

No!! I must run from you! 

Allie: I'm serious. We need to go in! It's cold out here!

I guess you should have a winter coat like mine. I'm not cold at all! Moo hahaha!

Allie: SHYLOH! I will leave you out here all by yourself!


Allie: Here is something that might be edible for you, just let me come closer to you. . .

I'm not falling for your tricks! Talk to my rear!

Allie: That's it! Sassy pony, I'm sending you to the glue factory!

Only if you catch me. . .

Allie: Shyloh (sweet voice) Here are some yummy clovers. . .

I can get my own clovers. . .way over here.

Allie: Stop running! I'm cold and out of breath!

I'm just trying to help you with your exercise. Funny how you can run me all around the arena, but when I try to run you around you get all huffy.

Allie: Don't make me run around this pond one more time. . .

I won't. . . I'll make you run around it five more times! Your two legs will never catch my four! Or I will just stand on the other side from you. You will NEVER catch me!

Allie: Fine. I quit. You are spending the night out here, freezing and by yourself. With no dinner.

I don't care. . .

Allie left for a while. I didn't care. I got to play "Catch Me If You Can" and I won! I was also playing hide and seek for grass. 

But, she came back for me. And she had the enticing crinkling of a peppermint or butterscotch. I didn't know which one it was and I wanted to find out. . .bad. So I let Allie come up to me and she caught me. I had to go back inside. I did get my dinner and I was not turned into glue. But I was not allowed to have a pear from the new paint pony that just arrived at my barn.

 If I had to do it all over again, I would, even if I don't get a pear.

Whew. . . I was a dirty girl from all my running!

What a fun day!!



  1. I want to laugh... but I've been there and it isn't at all funny from the human point of view!
    Our neighbor had a unique way with his horses. One time his Arab wouldn't come in, so he did leave him. He too the other horses in and fed them, and later came and got the Arab. After that, the Arab was always waiting at the gate. I tried it... it didn't work. I want to know his trick!!!

  2. Dreaming, you can laugh! I had to! Sometimes I think she is just too darn cute and silly to get too mad at. And she was having so much fun!

    I really was considering leaving her outside, I even asked my barn owner about it.

  3. Camryn here:
    What a brat you are Shy! I think you've just become my hero. Way to go gurl

  4. Lol, that sounds like Sugar. If she suspects I want to work her, then she might try and run around, but after a while she must figure that I'm going to catch her anyway, so she just gives up haha.

    It wouldn't let me see the video =(
    Cute pictures though!

  5. Shy, I'm glad you didn't get turned to glue. You are much more entertaining this way. And next time, I hope you get that pear!

  6. Hope it turns out better next time - you are teaching her to be rewarded for being hard to catch.

  7. RM, I am completely new to horses, but wouldn't I technically be rewarding her last behavior? Which is standing still for me to approach her?
    She has always been hard to catch, it took m e two hours the first time due to her past abuse issues. She has begun to trust and has gotten much better and I realize we still have a long way to go. This particular day, she had not been out in the pasture in a few weeks for safety issues, due to extreme mud, then icy ground. She had a ton of energy to get out. I am not excusing her behaviors, but it was all in good fun.

  8. Naughty pony! I agree, she was probably just working off energy from being cooped up for so long. I can't really blame her ;)

  9. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I've always had problems with Blogger updating my list of blogs that I read. I have to go in and put in the URL - it won't create new listings by my clicking on "Blogs that I follow"!

  10. Silly Shy! She is so adorable!! Playing hard to catch is definitely an annoying behavior to deal with. When they are kept inside a lot it's hard to deal with because the freedom is just so intoxicating. When they live outside 24/7 like mine the way I eliminated the behavior in Chrome was requiring that he be haltered and tied up to eat his breakfast and dinner every day! It worked. He got to where he loved his halter. I also used the time to groom him so while he was eating he was learning to be caught, stand tied, pick up his hooves and stand for grooming. :D

    1. She is getting much better at being caught. I haven't had any issues lately. Which means she is in the process of planning something new and devious for me to deal with :)


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