Saturday, November 17, 2012

open bridle experiment

With the advice from fellow bloggers, I have decided to try an all open bridle sled dragging session. We  have done open bridle stuff with the sled and line driving before, but always moved into the driving bridle. . .maybe too quickly.

And a bonus. . .I got to use Shyloh's new western bridle! I tacked her up and got right to dragging the sled. This went on without a hitch.I figured as much, since we have done this before. So, I thought, let's do some other things with the sled to show just how not scary it can be.

I present: Sled torture!
Sled on my head
Sled on Shy's back
Sled on this side
Sled on that side
Sled  underneath. . .by the way, see how fuzzy she is?
Shy was amazing and tolerated sled torture very well. She didn't run off, or spook, or anything really. I could tell she was not the most comfortable and she kept her ears on the sled, but she let me do everything to her. 

Then the best part of the day happened. . .I got a volunteer to head Shy! Brenda, who owned big Buddy the Belgian offered to help. I was so happy and grateful to have a helper. Brenda walked at Shy's head with the lead rope, and I walked behind, line driving Shy and dragging the sled. Shy was a great! There was only an instance where Shy was noticeably uncomfortable, but she recovered quickly. We did a short walk and I called it quits.  Short successful sessions are best. And the open bridle experiment was a success. We just need to transfer this success to blinders.

Afterwards, I let Shy graze some. She grazed like she had never had grass in her life! And she knew where the good grass was.
The best grass is under the trailer


  1. Shy's expression is one of total tolerance & understanding that perhaps her owner needs medication LOL. Just kidding on that last love it.

    1. Haha! I am sure Shy thinks I need to be heavily medicated or hospitalized! At least while I'm in a straight jacket she can be wild and free pony!

  2. I think you have a pack-pony in the making. Would she like to come to France & join Aero & Flurry?
    Great progress, well done!

    1. She would love to come to France. . . only as long as I can join her :)

  3. She looks GREAT! Well done, excellent progress and it's always so nice to have a helping hand, there's only so much one set of human hands can manage!


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