Sunday, November 4, 2012

plow days

Another day and I was back in Ohio. This time me, Jaime, and Kyle took their horses to Plow Days. Basically, it was a lot of Haflingers, some mules, a couple Belgians, one Perchereon, and one Clydesdale plowing some guys field. We actually didn't plow since we didn't have a farm implement. It was cold, but it was fun.
The Belgians, they worked hard and plowed a lot of land!
Jaime took me for a spin with Notch around the cut down cornfield, then I got to drive him! It was really cool. I even trotted for a short bit. Jaime trained Notch all by herself and did an awesome job. He is such a good boy. 
Percheron butt!
Kyle rode Clutch. The Gypsys were there, too, being ridden. 

And this kid is a nut! He pretty much just scurried right up on top of Clutch to ride him.
Monkey boy!
I also got to go for a ride in a team Haflinger hitch. Becky trained her mares, Allie and Stinky, too. Their ride was so smooth, it was very nice. Makes me itching to get Shyloh going!
Becky and her mares, Stinky and Allie
Pretty Stinky!! Her eyes and face are just so soft!
A couple teams of Haflingers were hooked up three across. Beth's team had a newbie on the end. Moe was learning to drive and was his first time hooked up with other horses. He did a great job! Beth trained her Haflingers, too.
Beth driving her three with the farm equipment. Rambo is in the middle.
They did good! Even the new guy (with lead rope attached, just in case)
The other set of three
There were a few wagons. . .

And an eight hitch team of mules all hooked up!
Could you imagine driving eight??
At the end, they held a log skid contest. The point is to stop the log at certain points between the cones.  It was different. . .

Whew, what a horsey weekend! I am exhausted!


  1. This looks so fun. I don't think we have anything like that around here. I've always wanted to have a horse that drives. I think bre would. I can longe line figure eights at the trot and I've pulled people on her. She's so tolerant. I just never had the money for the equipment or the expertise.

    1. Bre sounds like she would be great at driving! You should really try it!

  2. Oh wow, that looks like such a blast. Someday I'll have to ask my driving friends to take me for a spin. Sounds like the both of us had a wonderfully horse filled weekend!

    1. Well, if you ever feel like taking a trip to the west side of your state I am sure you can take a spin on one of these guys! It's fun!

  3. Wow, what a great weekend you've had. Plow Days looks like brilliant fun and a great opportunity to see what others are doing with their horses.

    1. It was fun! Most of the people were friends from the shows I go to, so it was nice to see them and their horses.

  4. I don't know of anything like that in our area. What fun! I loved seeing the three haffies plowing. The trainer hooked Pippin and Doc up with two other Haffies and had them pull the hay rake 4 abreast. He said it was a sight to see and wished someone had a camera - me too! Thanks for sharing all of the pictures.

  5. Wow love the pictures, looks like so much fun - beautiful mules and haffies - not that we're biased.... :-)


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