Tuesday, November 6, 2012

pokey pony

Shyloh was soooo pokey today! 

When I got to her, she looked like this. . .
Hard to see, but there are little burrs all in that forelock!
She had big burrs in her tail (I forgot to braid her tail last time) and little burrs on her armpit area, feathers, neck, mane, forelock, everywhere!

We did some line driving (more on that later) and she walks like she is going on a Sunday stroll. Even her trot is pokey. I have no problem keeping up with her when she is trotting on the lines.  I need to get her to pick up her walk, because that is when the problem of me losing contact occurs. I walk to fast!

After our line driving, it was time to eat. Shy missed her dinner with the herd, but I asked the feeding lady to put Shy's hay to the side so I could give it to her. I stuck Shy in the paddock next to her herd so she could eat. . .over an hour later, I was still waiting for her to finish! 
Nom nom!
It was dark and cold, but nice to be able to spend some time just loving on Shy. I think she enjoyed it, too. I spent this time to feel all over her for any thing amiss and pick out all these teeny tiny burrs she picked up from living outside. 
Taking her time. Perhaps she just liked spending time with me?
Pokey, pokey, pokey!


  1. Flurry is not covered in burrs. Flurry is covered in tiny mud dags. In his mane, the top of his tail, his armpits, his girthline (which is clipped so I'm mystified as to how they stick there) and all over his legs. The mud here is incredibly gluey and hard to get off, despite the dags being tiny. The only bits I concern myself with removing are the bits of him where tack goes - behind his ears and his girthline - otherwise I would be grooming for about five hours before I can ride him.

    I think burrs might be easier!

    PS just "being with" your horse is really nice, isn't it :D

  2. What is a mud dag? At first, I just groomed Shy where the harness went, but since she was being so slow eating, I picked the rest off of her. She will probably be covered again when I go see her.

    It was nice to just be. . .but I was the only one there and it was so dark! If horses aren't scared of that, then why are they scared that inanimate objects can eat them?

  3. I think if she could talk she would be saying "Whats the rush, mom? Stop and breathe for a second!"
    And the last two photos make me think she wanted to just spend time with you. Her eyes are so soft and trusting. :)

  4. Did you serve dessert after the main course :) I can't imagine it's simple removing burrs from her long mane/tail.

    1. We serve dessert first! Always!
      The burrs weren't too bad. . .the bigger ones were worse, especially in her tail.

  5. She always has the cutest expressions on her face!! We have burrs in our new pasture too. I need to take my new little barn buddy out to help remove burr plants.


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