Sunday, May 5, 2013

big clinic day

Holy farmer's tan! Whew are my arms red. But it was well worth it. I think a lot got accomplished today. Jaime's aunt let me borrow her trailer and I got up super early to pick up Shyloh and head to the clinic with Terry, Jaime, and Kyle.
Peeking out the window
First up was braiding manes and tails. For draft manes, a special ribbon is used to make a type of braid called a mane roll. The draft tail gets a braid and a bun. Shy got a tail cut because her tail was as long as it has ever been and was hanging on the ground. I knew I would have to cut it at some point, so no better day than today. Becky used Shy as the demonstration pony, which was good for me since I have been incapable of doing it on my own. Lesson one: It really does require two people. Lesson two: my attempts at the mane roll had me using sections of hair that was too thick. Lesson three: Shyloh can really clamp those butt muscles! Wow. She showed some of her best clamping during the tail bun demonstration. Lesson four: Becky can do some tight braids! But when all was done, the results were very pretty. Becky did a fantastic job.
Pretty tail!
After that, we had showmanship and halter practice. What I learned in this part of the clinic is that you are not supposed to let your horse fall asleep while waiting for your turn. Shy always falls asleep.
She must find it boring. . .I also learned a little bit more about showing showmanship and halter, so I will be able to put that to use come showtime. . .if I can keep my horse awake in the line up.

Our lunch break included a discussion on Scotch bottom shoes. While I will never put those shoes on Shy, it was interesting to learn about them. I did not stay for the whole discussion, about halfway through I went to check on Shy. As I was petting her neck I found a tick! I am not looking forward to starting this whole tick thing again. Yuck.

Up next was safe harnessing and hooking to the cart. Beth was awesome and helped me fit the new harness to Shy, which included many confusing buckles and punching new holes. I may have to get a new saddle piece, but this one will work for now. Good thing for Beth, because she knew all these tips and tricks to get the harness to fit Shy just right. 
New harness!
Next she hooked Shy up to her cart and took her driving. This horse messes with me so bad because she was damn near perfect for Beth. They had a great start and Shy was doing very well. Then I got in the cart. I don't know why I am such a bundle of nerves with her. It is frustrating to me, but there is not much I can do about it, except keep on practicing. There was a point today where I was questioning myself and Shy because I have no confidence when it comes to riding or driving her. While I still don't, I think now that maybe me and Shy can make it work,
When Beth was driving her, we discovered that the ball bearings on my wheels are shot. My new wheels. The wheels I have never used until today. What the hell? So I got out of the cart and Beth drove her back to unhook her. When Shy saw she was near her trailer spot, she started acting up. She would not back up for Beth and was giving her a hard time. I would have had a meltdown myself, but Beth handled it like it was no big deal. After Beth got Shy to do what she wanted, we unhooked her and  Beth went to hook Art.
I think Skylar liked it!
Beth also took her new puppy, Skylar for his first cart ride on Art. How cute are all of them?  Art took a couple kids around for some cart rides and I watched Curly. . .or Moe. He has two names. I have mane envy when looking at him.
Look at all that on Moe/Curly!
By now, most people had left and it was just a bunch of us Northwest Ohio Driving Circuit people still at the clinic. Jaime's aunt had found a saddle and she brought it for me to try on Shy. So I did and it seemed to fit pretty well. Haley was volunteered to get up on Shy and try it out. Shy was actually very good for Haley, quick, but good. Haley had Shy super trotting and turning and said she would be good at barrels, haha!

Then, I got on Shy! I haven't really been on this horse since October. . .well no one has aside from me sitting on her bareback a few times. As usual, I was a bit nervous (just because I know what she can be capable of), so I asked Haley to walk next to me. Shy was actually very good for me. We walked a bit, then I just sat on her and chatted for a while. It felt good to sit on my horse!

When I got off of her, this little boy asked to ride Shy. I said yes, but that I would walk with him. Shy was perfect for him. Absolutely perfect. *Proud pony moment*
Shy and her new buddy. She really liked him!
By now, we all were sunburned and tired, so we packed up and headed home. Shy seemed so happy to be home, she nickered when she stepped off the trailer and wanted to trot to her pasture. Once in there with the halter off, she took off towards the back where the rest of her herd was. 

On the way home after dropping Shy off, I drove the truck with the trailer. . .first time ever towing anything! And I did awesome. Now I am about to fall asleep dreaming happy pony dreams. Shy was a good pony today!


  1. It sounds like it was a perfect day. Shy's tail is gorgeous. I bet there are people who have tail envy! (Pippin was a clamper, too. Trying to get the crupper on was a challenge... and I always did it so very gently!!)
    The harness looks great!
    You said, "I don't know why I am such a bundle of nerves with her. It is frustrating to me, but there is not much I can do about it, except keep on practicing." I could have written those words myself concerning Pippin and Doc! I still haven't figured out why!

  2. That was just terrific reading about your Clinic Day! I truly felt like I was there watching beautiful Shy. Check out that tail!! So glad your day was a proud/good pony day.

  3. Great day! I loooooooove her mane and tail all braided up like that. Teal is her color :)

    1. Her show colors are teal and purple, but I really like the teal and silver from the demo!

  4. What an awesome day!! Well done everyone! Fantastic that you got up on her, small steps lead to giant leaps :-)

    1. Yup! Small steps are my specialty. I have some great friends that give me just the right amount of pushing and they keep me on my toes!

  5. Shy looks just fantastic! Well done for riding her again, too, and wow, you towed a trailer! Big weekend all round.

    1. Big big weekend! Thanks, Shy was quite well behaved, with just a little bit of sass thrown in :)

  6. Don't get down on yourself about being nervous. Confidence comes with time. You started out with a challenging horse and did better than most people. Shy has come so far because of you.

    1. Awww, thanks :)
      I have a lot of confidence tacking up and getting leading Shy to be mounted/driven, but as soon as I have to give up my feet control (getting on her or getting in the cart) I break down. It is just going to take practice and time.


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