Monday, May 6, 2013

monday musings by shyloh #87

What a weekend!  I was one busy horsey and I was happy when I finally got home. So happy that I gave one of my super rare nickers and wanted to trot Allie back to my grass pasture. Once I got my roll and a drink of water, I was off like a rocket to my herd. I had to make sure they were all okay without my protection for the day.

While I was away, I had to do lots of work. And when I wasn't doing work, I was tied to a trailer with my lead rope not quite long enough to eat the grass. So after I finished my hay, I threw a little fit by knocking my water bucket over and dumping my grooming bag. That will show them. . .

To go away this time, I was in a strange trailer I have never been in before. At first, I didn't really want to go in because I really didn't think I would fit. . .it was a squeeze! But I went in and I had some hay waiting for me! In the trailer I am used to, I have tons of space. I don't even have to back out of it, I can just turn around and walk off. Not so in this trailer, so it was a little bit new to me. But I did good!
Me and Clutch touching butts, almost
I got to be the Haflinger model extraordinaire for the tail and mane braiding session. First, my tail was chopped off so it doesn't drag on the ground anymore. I worked so hard growing that tail this winter. I put all my effort in tail growing and no effort in forelock growing. Allie took my tail and tried to add it to my forelock to give it some length, but I shook it right out. I tried to use some evasive tactics during the tail part. I clamped my tail and squeezed my butt so tight in hopes that I would get left alone. I was surrounded by a group of two leggers and someone was playing with my rear end. . .what would you do? When that didn't work, I released some noxious gas. That too was unsuccessful and I ended up with bows in my tail.
Who loves me?
Next, we had to line up in the sand and sun. I took this as a perfect sleeping opportunity. What better time to nap than with the sun on your back, surrounded by horses to protect you, and your two legger acting as another lookout? None I say and I snoozed away.

Only I was waken too soon and forced into cart work. I was being good for a bit as I was trying to get a good read on my driver, then I threw in some of my own obstacles for her to overcome. You want me to back? No, I'll scoot forward. Go gee? No, I think I'll go haw. Walk on? What?? I can't hear you. . . But my driver was too good and my antics did not mess with her as they do with Allie. 
I actually stood still for a while here
After cart work, I actually got ridden! It has been quite some time since I had a rider on me so I was a little quick in the trot. Gotta work on that. . .maybe. Allie rode me and we walked around and I was good for her. She deserves for me to be good for ever every once in a while. When I had the little boy on me, I was super good, cause kids are precious cargo and must be taken care of.

But by the end of the day, I was tired and ready to go. And even though I had to do some work and I sweated, I had a good time. 
Big guys staring at my booty


  1. Replies
    1. Haha! She does have this certain effect on the geldings. It really is amazing to see!

  2. Those boys was really into you. Maybe you shoulda passed some gas ;)

    1. Girls don't pass gas. . .unless they are farting directly on two leggers to get out of work or their back feet are being picked!

  3. Teeeeheee, i love the last picture and caption

  4. Hahaha, like everyone else here I loved that last photo and caption!
    Great post, I'm looking forward to hearing Allie's version of events...

  5. About your perfect booty, Shy, that's going to be your life. Boys will be boys, especially those big guys.

    1. The boys love me! I am just too cute and irresistable!

  6. Did your face hurt from smiling after you got to ride? I vet she is much more relaxed under saddle because of all the work you've done.

    1. You know what, she really was more relaxed. I just need to work on relaxing me.


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