Tuesday, May 28, 2013

rained out

Why is it that Sunday was a gloriously beautiful day, but Monday rained and rained and rained? Because I had awesome horse plans on Monday, that's why.

Jaime and Kyle picked me and Shyloh up at our barn and we headed down to Ohio for a drive with Beth and her ponies. Beth warned us that it was sprinkling, but it looked like it would stop for a while so we could get our drive in. The plan was for Jaime to drive Notch, Kyle to ride Clutch, and Beth to hook up Shy and Art and take a trip down the Rails to Trails path. 
See this tail flapping out the trailer?
Didn't happen. I was pretty bummed about it, but we ended up having a fun time grilling brats and chatting and watching Beth's dog, Skylar and Jaime's dog, Bindi run around in the rain and play in the yard. They were so cute together!
Bindi, taking the wheel
Beth's Haflingers were very curious to see what was in our trailer. They all lined up and stared just waiting for them to come out. Except Art, he could have cared less.  The four Haflingers did put on quite a how for us, rearing, bucking, playing, and galloping around their paddock. It was very impressive. Leah, the mare would chase Curly and Rambo off, Curly and Rambo would play with each other, and Art was just being Art. Then they would stop, line up, and stare at the trailer waiting for something wonderful to come out of it. And when the rain started coming down even hard, they went under the overhang (except Art), and poked their heads around to look at the trailer. If I had four Haflingers in my yard, I would get nothing done. They would be a constant source of entertainment!

Our horses probably thought that this was the lamest trip they have ever been on. . .getting trailered up and not doing a thing! I really wanted to drive (chasing that high. . .I would make the worst addict!), but I rather enjoyed a relaxing day spent with friends. I do not foresee many relaxing days through June, it's a busy month for us! Between shows and trips and birthdays we are going to have a ton of fun!
Mean pony chased all the other horses away! This is Shy's wet hay!
One thing we did discover, Shy can fit out the escape door in the trailer. And since she gets hauled in the tack area of the stock trailer, it will make it easier to pick us up and drop us off without having to make unnecessary trips or rearranging giant horses. Let's just hope she will go in the escape door. . .


  1. Dogs always want to drive. What does road rage look like in a dog? Sorry you got rained out - they said it was going to be nicer than that. Bummer.

  2. Bindi looks adorable. Sorry about the weather, it has been the same way here!

  3. In spite of the rain, sounds like a fun time. Adorable photo of Bindi "driving"! Four Haflingers would definitely be cute overload!

  4. Ohhh...I just hate it when it rains on a planned horsey day. Adorable chauffeur you've got there.

  5. I love Bindi in the driving seat too!
    Can you to get a photo of Shy going in and out of the escape door? I'm just wondering how high the door is.

    1. I can get a photo next time. But it is a draft size stock trailer and a person can walk through without ducking.


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