Sunday, July 14, 2013

great lakes haflinger association show 2013

I spent the weekend down in Ohio (is that really a surprise by now?) camping out for the Great Lakes Haflinger Association's show. It is mostly a hitch show, that shows all kinds of Haflinger hitches: single, team, tandem, unicorn, and all the way to eight! It is super cool!

We roughed it all weekend in an awesome RV with Becky and her niece and nephew, Cody and Maddie. Those are some great kids. Cody had very unique ideas about the essential items that need to be brought to a horse show including, but not limited to: 5 tennis rackets, a lamp, a surge protector, fishing hooks, 2 tractor seats, a tent, and all the belt buckles that he owns. They showed their horses and Beth came up for one day and showed Art. Everyone and their ponies did wonderful. I had so much fun, we got ponies ready to show, watched some amazing horses, and even had a water balloon fight. Good times!

I also learned a ton at this show. The hitch people are so nice. They are really family oriented and so willing to pass on their knowledge to the next generation. Cody got to hang out with one of the teams and help them harness, get lines ready, and just absorb all kinds of information. Very cool. 

The hitch Haflingers are huge! Much larger than Shy (well most horses are, hell, even the donkey is bigger than Shy), much larger than most Haflingers that I am around. And they are gorgeous! They know their job and they seem to love it. 

On to the best part. . .the photos! I have more at Shyloh's Facebook page. Enjoy!
Alliecat's beautiful mane!
How to keep the mane beautiful overnight!
Becky and Alliecat
Maddie and her Grandpa, his first time driving Allie for the Jack Benny class, where the combined age of the horse and driver has to be over 60. 
Jasi and Allie in team
Jasi and Allie pulling the wagon. They were such good ponies!
Harness boxes! How neat. I wonder if my dad will build me something similar. . .
Opening ceremonies. This was a thick Haffie!
This hitch was getting ready to show
Team, look how in sync the legs are!
Tandem, very cool!
Unicorn, so sweet!
Baby Faith. She is a spunky girl! And so cute. 
There were also a few other ponies that showed in the draft/pony classes. 
Six hitch!
More six hitch
The big eight! So amazing to watch!


  1. Awesome pictures! Those harness boxes are cool.

  2. Looks like a blast. Both to do and to watch. Maybe you n Shy next year?

    1. Becky keeps saying that Shy will be there next year. . .we will see. We can't compete against those big, beautiful hitch horses, and we aren't registered, but they have a draft/pony class for unregistered Haflingers and a pleasure class.

  3. Replies
    1. Me too! Well, I love them all, so amazing what they drivers and horses can do!

  4. How much fun!!! Love it! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Your'e welcome! I love sharing my passion with others :)

  5. Great pictures! I LOOOVE that mane.... so pretty.


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