Monday, July 22, 2013

monday musings by shyloh #94

Today is my birth-iversary!! Rumor has it I am seven now and for the past two years I have been with Allie, being tortured in such a fashion as this. . .

But at least I got some delicious birth-iversary grass, even if I had to wear my tiara. Okay. . .I'll admit, I did kinda like the tiara. It was better than the party hat

Allie celebrated by giving me presents. . .

And carrots. . .

And blowing this thing in my face.

It was all in good fun. 

I think we have done a lot this past year. I moved to the outdoors and I love it. I got to show with a cart attached to me. I won a ribbon! I've done extensive travelling. I have gone on many adventures around the barn and a few away from the barn. I had a couple freak-outs. I am boss mare of my herd. I don't run away from Allie when she comes to get me anymore. I am more trusting. I am all smiles!

All in all, it has been good a good year. I really have no complaints. Happy birth-iversary to me!!

Please share your favorite memory of me in honor of my birth-iversary?



  1. You wear that tiara with style! You have had a very productive and adventurous year. Many happy returns, Shyloh!

  2. Happy Birth-iversary! We have loved following you this year :-) our particular favourites are your sassy pics, especially the ones of your beautiful behind! We have also been mighty impressed by your cart journey and prowess, clever girl :-) xxx

  3. Looking good in the Tiara Shy! Happy Birth-irversary, I love seeing how much you are progressing and also all the cute pictures of you!

  4. mmm I think one of my best memories of you this year is how you've adapted to life in a herd and how you very sneakily moved your way up the ladder to become Boss Mare.
    Happy Birthiversary! You look damn fine in that tiara.

    1. Ah yes. My clever maneuvers to get to the top was a success :)

  5. Happy Birthiversary! Love the tiara. Looks like Allie really does things up for you. What a lucky pony.

  6. Sooooooooooooo cute! Happy Birthday Shyloh!!

  7. Happy Birth-iversary! Congrats. You have had a busy year and have had huge accomplishments.


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