Tuesday, July 2, 2013

plus four, minus two

I had heard through barn gossip grapevine that our little herd was expecting three more horses. I was not upset over this, rather a little bummed because the herd was quite calm and content. Any additions or subtractions would send the herd back into limbo as it figured itself again.

I had not been to the barn over the weekend because we went to celebrate Beth's birthday and tear down the inside of Jaime's new barn. 

I had also heard from a friend over the weekend that one of the new horses had fallen head over heels with Shyloh. What is it with that mare? 
Big hunka loving. . .she has something about her that all the geldings love!
So when I got to the barn today, I was rather surprised to find not three, but four new horses in the herd. And two horses had moved to the next pasture. Traveller and Prince, the little Arab that always hangs around Shy but she could care less about where moved. I guess they had not been getting food, so they were separated so they would be able to eat. It is good to know that the barn staff pay attention to that stuff!

Two of the new horses, Kota and Ranger, came together. Kota is the Arab (I think), and he is smitten with Shy. Ranger really likes her, too. In fact, they run other horses away from her, would not leave the fence line when I took Shy out, and nickered at her when I brought her back in the pasture. Oh, Shy's magical powers of gelding attraction never cease to amaze me. . .
Kota and Ranger
The other two new horses are a pair of Thoroughbreds. I am pretty sure they are not used to a herd environment because 1) they did not know to come up from  the back during feeding time, the feeder had to go get them, and 2) they had no clue what to do and just stood around not eating. It seems that they were used to getting grain dropped off right in front of them, most likely in a stall. I took the second bowl of grain that Shy was working on away from her and gave it to them. 
Handsome fellas
Shy seems to be in a weird predicament. She also seems to be the only horse without (new herd related) marks on her. I watched her hang out with Rainy and Dancer as Kota and Ranger moved them around (not so much Shy, but the other two). Then I watched her hang out with Kota and Ranger and when she got annoyed with them, she let out a little squeal and a poor excuse of a kick. Shy was hanging with both groups (I guess all the horses are not fans of the TBs, they went out back by themselves), but the old group would not hang with the new group. 
Dancer, Rainy, and Shy
I think Shy misses Traveller. Both of the horses that were removed from the herd hung around the fence and Shy stayed near them, too. I watched her stare at in with her ears perked. I wish I could read her mind because I would love to know what was going through her head. 

If I had to guess, Kota and Ranger are used to being at the top of the herd and are bullying the old gang. The old gang had two of their herd removed and now are struggling to find their places in this new set up. It is interesting to watch. Even more so that Shy is just so "whateva" about everything. She gets along with all the horses. She is so confident about herself and her placement in the herd. I wish this would transfer to driving and riding! For both of us!


  1. Thats so funny! What a heartbreaker <3

  2. Herd dynamics...so interesting.
    It'll be fascinating to see how the TBs adapt over the next few months.

    1. Yes it will. Although if they don't get to eat, I am sure they will be moved so they can eat. I am thinking they may not be staying in the herd long.

  3. The social life of horses is fascinating.

    Thank you for the Liebster award. I hope to visit that next week. It has been a hectic few weeks around here.

  4. I'm sure she'll get along great with her new herd mates. It's a nice looking group!

    1. Shy pretty much gets along with everyone. I love the on TB, he is so handsome!

  5. Ah new friends, old friends and lost friends .... hope Lady Shy keeps everyone on the straight and narrow. When you're that good looking it's easy to see why they all love her ;-)

    1. Hee hee, yes. It is true blondes have more fun and the geldings sure prefer the blonde one in the pasture!


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