Monday, July 29, 2013

monday musings by shyloh #95

Allie gave me the "talk" today. 

She said, Shyloh, you better be a good pony. We are going to do some work again. And at first, I was all like. . .
na na na. . .I'm not listening. . .
I tried showing Allie that I wasn't all all interested in doing work or listening to her babble.
I'm bored. Take me to my apple tree in the pasture. 
But Allie kept going on and on. Then she said something that perked my interest. She said if I was good, we wouldn't be working for very long.
Say again?
I am all for not working long. After all, I am a wild and free pony and last I checked, wild and free ponies did no work at all. They just ate.
I tried many times explaining the wild and free pony concept to Allie. She doesn't get it. She must be a slow learner.
Then Allie begged me again to be a good pony. Puh puh puh pleeeaaase, she said!
So I gave her my best, I'll be a good pony smile. Plus I heard treats may be involved for good ponies.
Allie tacked me up, the whole time just talking away. She put the old harness on me this time. I am not sure why. . .
But I am not thrilled. . .I did get to use my other bridle for two reasons. . .one, Allie was too lazy to change the bit and two, Allie thinks it doesn't fit right.

So off we went around the barn working on stopping, standing, walking straight, backing, gees, and haws. Oh, and working on walking like we have someplace to be as opposed to just plodding along. Important stuff in Allie's world. 
We had to follow the tractor because I would not stand. I wasn't afraid of it, I just didn't want to wait for it to go by.
But overall I was good and we didn't fight. I wasn't great though, just good. Allie didn't ask for greatness. 
And Allie stayed true to her word. We did not work very long at all. Yay! But when we got done, I had to stand around with that bridle on. I hate that!
Take it off already!!!
After I stopped my head tossing protest and stood still, Allie did take it off. Thank goodness. As soon as it was off I was like. . .
I was a good pony, can I have my treats pleeeease!
 And Allie was, okay fine have some pony treats. So I did! And that is how Halfingers do what they do best!



  1. Sounds like you've got your human well trained at the treat dispensing - waita go! Always best to keep them thinking they're training you by throwing in good and bad days to keep them occupied, like your style in those pics :-)

    1. Yup, you really have to mix it up to maximize the treats. Keep 'em guessing is my motto!

  2. Shyloh has a great character, very nice photos too.


  3. Pippin would tell Shy how to scrape the bridle off. He was a master at it... never needing no human to do that task!
    Nice post, Shy!

    1. I remember Pippin and his magical ability to get halters and bridles off. Shy does not need to learn that!


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