Wednesday, September 11, 2013

can't you smell that smell?

These past few days have been hotter than hot and I have't been to the barn because of class. I finally made it out today, but it was way to hot to do anything fun. I feel like such a boring horse owner. 

Reba and Clutch were the only sane horses that stayed around to be sprayed with the hose, the others ran away. Reba even played in the water trough!
I am trying a new fly spray concoction on Shyloh. And it smells awful. It is the Skin So Soft and white vinegar mix. So far, I have been unable to determine if it works any better than any of the store fly sprays, which don't really work all that well. All I know for sure is that it smells nasty. 
The smell of it surrounds her
Jaime got a hinny at the barn. A hinny is the opposite of a mule, it is the result of a male horse and a female donkey. I guess mules are made from the other way around. He is super cute. 
He is super cute with a soft eye. And I personally think he is part zebra.
He has zebra stripes on his legs.
Shy seems to like Gunny. They hung out together when me and Jaime were grooming them. 
He can make quite the noise, too!
Then we noticed that the horseflies were bugging him. So she got out her fly spray. And Gunny was not a happy hinny!
Up, down, and all around! He was not a fan of the spray.
After, he tried to roll it off of him. Hilarious! He rolls, then digs his head in the ground and scoots it forward. He is going to be a lot of fun!
Step one, lay down. . .
Step two, slide forward!
And even after multiple hand washings and a change of clothes, I still smell that pungent mix of fly spray. Ugh.


  1. Love the hinny. Tried that particular mix of fly spray, problem with "most" homemade ones is they work for very short time periods, so unless you plan on spraying multiple times a day?

    1. Most store bought only lasts for a short time too. Glad the weather is cooling and I won't have to worry about it much longer :)

  2. I'm in love! I want one!
    And as for fly sprays.... I don't think any of them work.
    I sprayed a therapeutic horse yesterday and before I even turned around the flies were back. Arghhh!

    1. He is cute! But he needs a lot of work.
      Ugh, flies. . .they are relentless.

  3. LOL, I just use plain white vinegar. Smells terrible too and I would say it works about the same, if not better than store stuff. And at least cheap! Plus, helps with any fungus, rain rot, scratches, or anything like it. Since vinegar is an antibacterial also.

  4. Oh, oh, oh we LOVE Gunny! More updates on Gunny needed.... Shy has great taste in companions ;-)

    1. I will get you your updates :) A driving harness has been ordered and his training will start soon.

  5. Love Gunny the Hinny and his leg stripes!
    I agree with you on fly sprays, none of them work very well.


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