Sunday, September 29, 2013

tour de barns

Terry and I went on a Tour de Barns to visit friends and their horses. It was nice to see people that we used to board with at some point, catch up, and get some pony loving. 

Our first stop was the the barn where Kathy is now boarding. It was nice to hang out with Kathy and hear about all the progress she has been making in her riding. Casi is doing great, too! Also at this barn is the Shire gelding that came with Reba. He was in real bad shape and when his previous previous owner found out, she took him. He was super thin and still has hoof issues. But he is gaining weight and his attitude has improved. They also have some fiesty, fat minis.
Foresti, him and Shy used to hang out 
Joker, the shire gelding. He gets a double sized stall.
Casi, being a goof!
Cookie and Charlie with Terry. Pretty adorable, right?
Bonnie the Clyde
Next up was a visit with Rachel and Remi at their new barn. Remi is doing fantastic at this barn and Rachel seems to really be enjoying him. He was getting his mane pulled, then got to go in their huge outdoor arena for a run. This horse can move! He would bound off into a full blown gallop, then stop at the fence, turn around and do the prettiest, floatiest trot. They also had some yearlings that were too cute. 
Remi and Rachel
Gotta roll!
Nosy pony!
Also at this barn was Mia, the first Haflinger I leased! I was beyond happy to see her. When I walked up to her in her paddock, she stopped eating the round bale and stared at me until I got to her. I hugged all over her and when other horses came near me, she ran them off. Think she remembers me? She is looking good and she is probably about 21 now. I never realized how drafy she is! She is about as many hands as Shyloh, but way thicker. She has the apple bottom, thick legs, and a big head. It was so nice to be able to see her again. 
Massive head
I miss this pony
Then we went to the barn I had just come from. I can't believe all the work they have been doing there, it looks really nice. We visited with Brenda and Buddy, Tony the donkey, Marlene and Belle, and the new barn kitties. Everyone there seems to be doing really well. 
Remember Marshall?
Terry and a kitty
The final stop was to see Shy! We watched Jaime and Kyle mix concrete for the area by the hitching post. I went to go see Shy. I called her from the barn and she actually left the round bale and came up to me! She has never done that before! I usually get ignored when I call her. Terry spent some time getting hugs from the big horses. And of course, we spent some time with the minions. 

Dexter, getting friendlier and friendlier and darker in color
For all you long ear lovers, it's Gunny!
And a-spicy meat-a-ball!
Clutch giving hugs and Notch patiently waiting his turn for a hug
Then we have this goof! She doesn't give hugs that much, just smiles.
Hugs from Reba
More Reba hugs. . .truly gentle giants.

So so big!
It was a great day all around and much needed for both of us. 


  1. Ah love the tour! We can't imagine who our favourite is except for Shy? Could it be Gunny?! Some beautiful equines!

    1. Gunny is learning to trust more and he can be quite the jerk to the other ponies. But he sure is cute!

  2. What a great idea! A barn tour. I love visiting barns and seeing how people have things set up. You can really learn a lot that way. It's always fascinated me. Nice post!

    1. Thanks! I agree, I like to see how other barns work, too.


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