Saturday, September 21, 2013

last show of the year

Guess what today was? If you read the title of the post, you guessed it. . .the last show of the year. Shyloh was not about to let this show go through without a hitch. 

I got to the barn nice and early to pack up and load up. When I went to get Shy from her stall, she had pooped in her food bowl and knocked her water bucket off the wall and dumped it. Sweet. Let's start the day off feisty!
Angry eating. Shy even managed to fling the whole haynet off the trailer. 
We got to the show, got Shy all prepped, and waited for the first class. Halter mares. As we were waiting, we were standing under a tree. . .the same tree we always stand under while waiting. I reached up and picked a leaf off. Shy's eyes got all wide, like she has never seen a leaf being picked off a tree (which I know is untrue, she picks them off herself). So me, being me and thinking it is ridiculous for Shy to be acting like a moron with the tree, picked another leaf. This was just too much for Shy to handle and she backed/reared her way out of there. So unacceptable. Apparently, someone was watching me torture poor pony and taking photos. I'll add them when I see them.

Into halter class we went. We did our patterned through the wet sandy arena and parked ourselves behind the horse that went before us. After everyone did the pattern, the judge came to inspect each horse. Shy wanted no part of the judge walking behind her. We stood as they called out placings starting with fifth place. As they got to first, only Shy and Millie the mule (the awesome mule who has taken high point every show) were left. Since I have only placed once ever in halter, I knew it wasn't going to be us and was taken by shock as they announced our number for first place. Woot woot! Our first first!
Judges like big pony butts
Shy hates first place. She shook the ribbon off of her halter and stepped on it. Brat. 

We got to go into Championship Halter class against the second place mare, a Gypsy, Notch, and a haflinger gelding. The judge placed Notch and the Haflinger gelding first and second. Shy was not impressed by having to "show" again.
Go Hidden Creek Draft Horses!
Next up, showmanship. I only decided to enter that class because we were not driving so I thought it best to do it. Plus, it was not blistering hot out so we would not be baking in the sun. We did our pattern and Shy ended up with third place! We have never placed in showmanship before.
Ribbons are of no matter to this pony with a 'tude. 
In hand trail followed showmanship. I like the trail classes. This pattern was mailbox, bridge, walk over poles, trot over poles, back through a cones pattern, 360 in a box. Pretty simple. Shy had no problem at the mailbox, you know. . .the obstacle she would not go near last show. . .bridge fine, poles fine. But backing though those cones was another story. She flat out did not want to back. On one attempt, she knocked a cone down. A few attempts later, Shy was able to right the cone back up. Should have got bonus points for that. We ended up with a fifth place in trail.

Then came line driven reinsmanship. Basically, it is line driving the horse though a pattern. This was was walk to the cone, back four steps, trot to the second cone, fan left, trot in an arc back to the first cone, stop. I had plenty of time between classes to practice We did line driving all around the grounds. Shy was doing really good. The time came for the class and Shy refused to walk toward the class. She wanted to face the trailer. I would get her turned in the right direction and she would spin back to face the trailer. This went on for a good 15 minutes. We fought and fought and I was not going to let her win. Finally, as the last person in the class, we made it. And Shy spent the whole class trying to get back to the trailer. Our back up was a spin around to face the trailer. Our fans only purpose was so Shy could be facing in the direction of the trailer. So frustrating, because I know we can do this stuff and do it well, but I now have a horse that is trailer sour. 

After that class, there was no way I was letting Shy go to the trailer. She got to go stand, in her harness still, at the punishment post. Basically, a hitching post that is not near the trailer. She fought it at first, but once she was calm, I took her to the trailer and untacked her.  Oh and I forgot to mention her assault on me as we were waiting for that class to get set up. She kept hitting me in the arm with her bit. I swear it was on purpose. 
Not happy to be on the punishment hitching post. 
Like I said, Shy was not going to make this last show easy for me. But we had fun and got to see our friends and their ponies. Our show season is over and the Northwest Ohio Driving Circuit had a successful first year. Can't wait til next year, after our much deserved winter break.
Shy's I'm sorry, untie me and send me back to the trailer, my boys, and my hay face. 


  1. I laughed out loud about the cone. I agree, there should have been bonus points awarded for that level of dexterity! She always looks like she's up to no good in your photos, while at the same time being adorable - ponies!

    1. She is up to no good! Always thinking about ways to mess with me, I'm sure of it! She has to be cute though, so I won't send her away (j/k about that). But she really is too much of a thinker and not so much of a go with the flow-er.

  2. Sounds like "someone" had fun, at least in making things difficult. Can soooo picture her righting the cone :)

    1. Yes, "someone" definitely makes her own fun!
      Even if she was being a jerky pony, I still had fun, too.


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