Tuesday, April 22, 2014

how bad is your barn car blog hop

I love blog hops! They are so much fun, but this one might be rather embarrassing. . .

Pony'Tude is hosting this hop on just how bad horse people's cars can be. "It's a mysterious phenomenon of the universe that horsepeople tend to have really grody, disgusting vehicles. Maybe it's because we constantly find ourselves in places where we are routinely covered in mud, poop, hair, and sand. Maybe it's because our lives revolve around half-ton creatures who love to roll in dirt and slobber on us. Maybe it's because we are all genetically wired to be slobs. Whatever the reason, Barn Cars are nasty. I'll show you mine if you show me yours."

My barn car happens to also be my every day car. Woe is the person who decides that I am driving for the day, especially if it is out to lunch with co-workers. Not only do I have horse junk in my car, but it is also the main transport of my dogs.

The back of my car boasts the Northwest Ohio Driving Circuit sticker. You know, the driving circuit that I am part of without a driving horse. I also have to show some love for Michigan and Detroit!

Yuck, need a car wash
 The hatch part is filled with various items. I have an old saddle that I need to clean up, get photos of, and sell. Then there is a hay bag, some harness pads, a random tote, a box of halters from Horze, wormer, a bag of potting soil, and behind the saddle is another box filled with various things.
Kind of embarrassed. . .
 The back seat of filth. I have a dirty halter that needs to be washed because it was ripped off Shy's head and stomped into the dirt. I always have my Muck boots in case it gets muddy or I need to wade through a puddle. There is a hanging strawberry plant that I need to put up (hence the potting soil in the trunk) and a bag of sour taffy that I got from my dad. A dog brush and some frisbees are in the pouch of the driver's seat. And dirt and hair. Everywhere.
I vow to have strawberries!
 The other view of the back seat. I have a dog leash from Maggie from the disastrous trip to the barn a couple weeks ago. . .Maggie is not a barn dog. A bottle of water with an ADM coozie on it and some Nicker Bait treats (banana flavored for Shy) have made their home on my back seat. A ziplock bag of a Purina Hydration Hay sample I got at the MSU Stallion Expo is still there. I don't know what to do with that block of hay. There is the movie Pitch Perfect, because who doesn't travel around with a copy of that? And two hats, just in case (Michigan weather). My school bag is also on the floor.
I need help . . .
 The front seat is equally as bad. There is an almost empty case of Coke which is my Kryptonite. I have A Horse Box sack pack and a bag of Veggie Straws crammed on the passenger seat along with a zip up hoodie. Looks like my purse is on the floor. The pink piece is my phone charger that is a necessity because my battery drains so quickly. And if you look real close, you can see a clay Shyloh hanging from my vent. Also not seen is my iPod for some kickin' tunes. Underneath my seat is a gallon of Neatsfoot oil.

And finally, I have a photo of Shy, my husband, and my nephew on the ceiling of the car.

Please don't judge me!


  1. No judgment here, you can't even see the seats on most of my truck! Not to mention the soaking boot, saddle pads, hay net, and gloves decorating my daily driver...

    I try to empty it out every so often but it fills up again. At least there are useful things in your car!

  2. My car is currently in a 'clean' state, after going in for repairs earlier this month. 'Clean' boils down to 'empty trunk and four saddlepads in the back seat' with miscellaneous other stuff. Things that need to go back in the car include three pairs of shoes (rain boots, winter rain boots, regular barn shoes), one cooler, two hoof boots (spares), some supplement I got a sample of last summer, heart monitor gel, and I'm not even sure what else is in the box in my room...

    Your car looks downright clean in comparison to the usual state of mine!

  3. Too funny. I'm glad I can just walk to my barn.

  4. This blog hop is making me feel less alone! I'm glad I'm not the only one with a messy car... and whose barn car is her daily car.

  5. Hey I had a SNOW SHOVEL in the back seat of my (small) car for 2 months! No judging here. ;) My trunk looks like a feed room/tack trunk/blanket storage unit!

  6. I have to say my kids make my car much messier than anything else most of the time, lol.

  7. LOL I just cleaned my car for a road trip...its super clean now hahah


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