Monday, January 9, 2012

monday musings by shyloh #19

Well, Allie embarrassed me big time yesterday! A girl just wants to have some fun and spend her time outside grazing, but I guess that is cause to make my Haffie cheeks get as pink as my mane. 

Here is what happened. . .

I was so good when we went on our trip. Allie brought me outside and I saw the trailer and a bunch of people standing around watching me. I could feel a nervous tension in the air, will I get on or won't I? I had to guess that the two leggers thought I would not get on, so to keep up my M.O. of confounding Allie at every possible opportunity, I just stepped right up and got to eating hay. It took a lot of my energy to behave as well as I did that day, so I am not exactly sure how Allie could expect good behavior two days in a row!
This was my second time in one day with this harness! I am sooo good!
I can't see you. . .and you can't see me!
I am now in the big herd of horses in the pond pasture! How cool is that? And it is no secret that I love to be outside and I am always the last horse to come inside. Well, Allie brought all the other horses in, so I ran to the fence, waiting my turn. But she didn't come back! She went to get another horse in another pasture! That really upset me, so I began running real fast up and down the fence to show my frustration. Then Allie came to get me. Well, things are just not that easy now. I gave her a hard time and she was getting mad and threatening to leave me out. . . but that is what I wanted! Finally, I busted the gate open and began to make MY OWN way back to the barn, stopping to eat grass along the way. Allie finally got me. Ugh.
Hanging with my homie, Casie in the pond pasture!
Do you see this delicious grass? Would you want to go inside?
As we walked down the aisle all the way to my stall at the opposite end of the barn, Allie began announcing, "Shyloh is the reason your dinner is late. You can all blame Shy if you are starving." It felt like I was walking the green mile! All the horses were complaining because they wanted to eat dinner. They were grunting and groaning and kicking the stalls. Well, if they had stayed out, they could have been eating grass. . .just saying. . .

So everyone is mad at me that their dinner got held up. And to top it off, Allie fed everyone but me! 
I see you giving everyone else hay. . .
I was pulling every trick out of my book! Cute eyes, hanging lip, I even threw out a wave! Nothing. Well, this put me into an even sassier mood and I tried to eat the hay pieces off of Allie's hoodie as she picked my feet. She was not pleased. And when she tried to put medicine on my head where I cut it, I ran away in my stall and swung my butt at her. I don't know what that smelly stuff is supposed to do! Well, I got told. . .I guess I should work on my attitude.
Where is my hay? I'm cute! I need hay!
Puh-puh-puh-lease can I have my hay now?
Allie made me eat very last, even after she swept the floors! Not fair! My cuteness seems to be wearing off, I am going to be thinking of new ways to charm Allie. I am up for some ideas!!



  1. Camryn here:
    Silly goose when it comes to food you don't want to muck about!!!

  2. Come on Allie, every horse knows grass tastes waaaaay better than hay! Especially when their human is trying to catch them! ;)

  3. Shy, you don't have to be good if you don't want to. You can just be cute and that's good enough.

  4. Camryn, Hopefully I learned my lesson. . .

    Megan, Right!

    Bob, You need to have a talk with the two legger. I like the way you think!

  5. Silly Shy!! Don't you know it always takes less energy to behave? :D


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