Saturday, January 7, 2012

shyloh gets something new!

Wow. I am absolutely amazed with Shyloh. She never ceases to astound me. As far as a non riding day goes, this day was perfect. I wish I could take credit for Shy and her awesomeness, but she came like that. 

I was going to look at something special for Shy today. We wanted to work on one of our goals and we needed the proper equipment. I thought I was going to go with just Jaime and Kyle (who own Notch and Clutch) to this guy who sells stuff at his home. But when I called the guy, it turned out he had a few of what I was looking for, and it was decided that Shy would come along for the ride.

So, I groomed her up to make her look all pretty. I can't have her going out of the barn  looking muddy and hopeless! She was a little upset because all her horse friends where going outside and she didn't understand why she had to stay inside. Jaime and Kyle arrived at the barn and hooked their trailer onto their truck. 

Now, I had no idea how Shy would react to being loaded into a trailer. She has not left the barn or been in a trailer since she arrived in July. I figured I might have to bribe/fight/drag/push/pull/or something to get her onto the trailer. 

Nope. Shy walked right up on that trailer without batting one of those long , blonde Haffie eyelashes. She never even thought twice about it, just stepped right up and started eating out of the hay bag! I was shocked! It was like she had been loaded four times a day every day since I got her. She keeps on surprising me!

We left and went to the guy's house, which was not too far away. There were two dogs as our welcoming committee and Shy just hopped right off the trailer. She looked around, did one grunt and was perfectly content. 

I looked at some things and the guy tried something on her. Again, Shy was perfect! She did not know this guy and he was all over her, fitting and adjusting and hooking up. She stood as still as a rock. Her manners were impeccable! Then the guy took her for a test drive. Literally.

Here she comes. . .
Closer. . . 
Shy has a new harness!!
The guy teaches horses to drive and said Shy knows what she is doing! Doesn't she look good in her new gear?

It seems that she has at one point in her previous life been taught to drive. She had no problem with the blinders, the crupper, or any of the various lines or straps. They guy even has a cart for us that I want to go back and get one day. 

So, I bought the harness and even talked the guy down $100! Afterwards, Shy hopped right back up in the trailer and back home we went. Back at the barn, I hooked her back up in her harness to make sure I could do it and took her for a short ground drive around the arena. 

I am so excited for our new adventure! Jaime drives Notch and there are a lot of Haffie owners in Ohio that drive, which is less than 30 minutes from us. We might do some clinics so I can learn what I am doing. Fun times ahead for Shyloh and me! Damn, she looks good in that harness!


  1. You are lookin good in your new gear. How awesome that we both got new outfits on the same day!!! I know how to drive, but Mom doesn't. Most likely it's gonna stay that way.

  2. This is SO very cool!!!! Did she ever spend time w/ the Amish??? Seriously...b/c how else does she know how to drive?! I think she needs pink bling on those blinders :)
    Also; bonus my Laz came to me a trailer loading WINNER, isn't is SO great!!!!!!! One less thing to worry about :)

  3. OMG! Soo jealous! Shy looks AMAZING in driving gear and the very thought that she already knows how! You're going to have sooo much fun with her driving! And to think, she doesn't even have to be 16 ; )

  4. I'm glad Shy behaved so well!

    I do ground driving with all the horses I train, but I've always wanted to buy a cart and teach them to pull a carriage!

    She looks seriously cute in her driving gear - she has a very kissable nose!

  5. She is so adorable!! How exciting on the new harness. Congrats on the find and the perfectly mannered pony. :D I'm hoping I can find some harness too because I would love to teach Chrome to drive. He's already pulled a tire and I've done some ground driving with him, but it's about time we tried again since it's been so long and he's matured a lot.

  6. I figured this was what you were up to! I am so glad that you took Shy with you - so smart! Now you know the harness is the right size and is fit the right way. I have had an opportunity to hear a well-versed driver when he was doing safety checks at the carriage parade. It is amazing how many people don't have the harness fit correctly. There was even a team of miniature donkeys that had the collars on upside down!
    Congrats! I can't wait to see more pictures!
    What type of cart does the guy sell?

  7. Oh, she looks so pretty! You two will have lots of fun driving! My cousin has a couple Canadian horses she drives and she loves it! She even drove her sister up to her wedding reception (instead of arriving in a limo or something)!

  8. Kristen, I believe that she was bred Amish and spent the first part of her life with them. Pink on the blinders would be so cute. . .it would match her mane!

    Sand, Haha! Thanks!

    Megan, Thanks. I am excited to figure out this driving stuff. I have done some long lines work with her.

    Gail, :) I can't wait to see what adventure this brings us!

    achieve1dream, Let us know how Chrome does!

    Dreaming, I am not up on the driving lingo yet. . .but I plan on reading more. He has a forecart, a little cart which is mostly a bench on wheels, and I'm not sure what else.

    Megan, How cute! Maybe one day I can rent Shy's driving services for weddings! That would be hilarious! I am sure she would pick those days to be extra sassy!


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