Monday, February 25, 2013

monday musings by shyloh #77

The snow and ice are taking over! I have to be super careful not to slip when I walk. Luckily, my home is pretty ice free, but when Allie takes me out. . . slippy doo! Allie does try to walk me on the grass where there is no ice, but sometimes it is unavoidable. 
I can't see you!
When Allie announced we were going to walk through the trails, I thought she was nuts! But once we got to walking, the trails actually have no ice. It was fun and I demolished a bunch of small trees. So tasty!
Looking through the woods
Fresh air!
We saw a bunch of different kinds of tracks. . . 
Possibly raccoon? Looks like they are little fingers in the snow
Geese going into the creek!
Small deer?
And followed them for a while. Then I hopped between two fallen logs to nibble at a tree. 
Mmmm, branches
Hungry horses eat anything!
Then I hopped back over and tangled myself into a little tree as I tried to eat it. 
I'm all up in this tree!
I also found some leaves to much on. I am such a hungry Haffie!
Yummy leaves on the branch! It's like a delicatessen! 
We walked over fallen trees and through low hanging trees. I considered this exercise since I had to lift my legs to get over the logs. But I didn't duck when the tree limbs were hanging, I just plowed through them. . .and then they bounced back and smacked Allie in the face and scratched her hand! Haha!

By the time we got back to the barn property I was a sleepy girl, but Allie was not done with me yet. She got out a bucket. I kicked the bucket away. She got the bucket back. I moved away from the bucket. She moved it closer, so I kicked it away again. And again. And again. Eventually, I lost the bucket fight and Allie climbed on the bucket and swung a leg over me. I didn't care. . .I let Allie hang all over me, tap all over my sides and butt with her feet, and just be overall a bother. Like I said, I was sleepy. 
Sleepy eyes
But I wasn't too sleepy to try and steal carrots out of my grooming bag!
If they are in my reach, they are fair game!
After Allie had her weird sense of fun, I headed back to my horses and hung out in the shelter with Tony and Shea. Nap time!
And Jesse's nose in the front.


  1. Replies
    1. We just stood there, but it's a step. And I think we might need some topline work from the feel of her!

  2. What a fun nature walk you went on. Those are cool animal tracks. I bet you left some nice tracks in the snow too. Glad there was no ice. Walking in the snow is hard work. You earned those carrots.

  3. Oh what a fun day for you. All I got to do was cart Mom around the paddock SIGH. Much rather be in the woods shoplifting nummies

  4. Looks like fun, tree branches are nice to eat, our human thinks we're odd but we reckon there are extra vitamins in them!

  5. Looks like a really fun walk, great pictures!

  6. Shylo ... what fun you had ! Snow still has been engulfing our miniature horses and Paso Fino mare in New England. Today we have rain here at the farm, so hoping some of the horse eating snow banks will melt away. Oh Shylo .... our Paso Mare invites you to visit her at "The Sarina in a Snowglobe " post ( a few weeks back on our blog) as she would like to meet you and has asked me to follow you for her :)

  7. Shylo, you rock...plowing through under and over brush!
    Loved the walkie and loved your idea of it's a dun-day. Your momma is a
    go-getter and she had the stamina to replace the bucket each wasn't that fun...sporting her upon your back at the end of the day!!
    Fun stuff!!

    KK and Wa mare~

    1. If Allie had no stamina, she couldn't keep up with me! I can be quite stubborn when want!


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