Friday, February 1, 2013

the introduction

I really need to stop being surprised by Shyloh's reactions to pretty much everything. She proves over and over again that I really underestimate her. 

Today was the big introduction to the cart. Since I didn't have a helper, I did not feel comfortable attaching it, so I thought I would let her see it, have her watch it move, and just inspect the cart. The barn was deserted today which was really strange. . .but good since I didn't have to worry about anyone wanting to use the indoor arena when I had the cart out. I got Shy, groomed her, and took her inside.

This was her reaction (sorry about the quality, the arena is dark and I was using my phone). . .
It is hard to see, but the cart is in the corner of the arena. Shy does go up to it a few time. Sassy girl!! I don't think Shy could toss her head anymore than she did today! But, she can be as sassy as she wants, the main thing was that she was not afraid. In fact, I think at one point she realizes that shit just got real and all the training we have been doing is going to be put to the test. Hence, super sassy!

She was rather curious about the cart. I moved it around and let her smell it, touch it, and get used to it. 
The noise at the end was the wind outside. I love that Shy looked to me for reassurance and did not run away. 

After that, I picked the cart up and wheeled it around the arena. I was very surprised when Shy followed us! Like I said, she was very curious about the whole thing. She did keep a slight distance at first, but by the time I got done wheeling all around the arena, she was right up behind us. 

After that I put the cart back down for Shy to check it out some more. I had her go in between the shafts, which needed some coaxing from me to get her to do. But she did do it! After she seemed comfortable with that, I lifted the cart so Shy could feel the shafts on her sides. At first, she backed out and I had her walk back in, with the shafts up. She ran right into one and it poked her in the chest. But Shy didn't care. I straightened her out and we were good. The shafts did not bother Shy at all. 
Backwards pony
I promise she is not tied to anything, the lead rope is just hanging down
I figured that we had done enough stuff for the day and took Shy outside to help clean up dropped hay with her pal Dancer. I would say the cart introduction was a success!


  1. Cool, you shoulda sat in the seat and had a picnic :) I just love how curious she was with it.

  2. She is just so adorable! And you'd swear she knows exactly what you're saying to her lol. It certainly doesn't look like the cart will be much of an issue for her.

  3. Clever, clever Shy! Love the head toss, makes your mane look wonderful!

  4. I can't wait to see her pulling that cart! She's going to be a natural.


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