Tuesday, February 5, 2013

sticky gram and shamed

I found this neat little website that will take your Instagram photos and turn them into magnets! I just received  mine in the mail and I am pleased with the results. 
How they come in the mail. Of course I NEEDED magnets of Shy, Cooper, and Maggie.
It is super easy to do. First, you need an Instagram account. If you don't know what it is, it's a photo app than can apply filters to your photos to change the effects. This app can be downloaded for free on any smartphone. My Instagram name is alliebyars if anyone wants to follow. 

Any photo you take with your phone can be added to Instagram. The photos can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, or Foursquare. 

After you pick your photos, you can go to Sticky Gram and connect with Instagram. (Dang, you would think I am getting paid to promote Instragram or something. Trust me, I am not.) Sticky Gram makes your photos into magnets. Nine photos fit on a sheet and you can pick whatever photos you want. I think it's a cute idea. It would make a cute little gift too. 
On my fridge
It's quick and simple and you can get some of your photos in print. How many photos do you take that stay in your phone? Or end up on the interweb? Almost all of mine do! I actually did not have a photo of Shy in my house until this December (bad horse owner!). And they make it a magnet, so you can stick them on your fridge or file cabinet at work. They are located in the UK and shipping is free worldwide! Can't beat free shipping. Anyway, just thought I would share this neat little website I found.

Also. . .

Shy is taking part in a Horse Shaming contest over at Kate and Lucy's blog.  Kate and her OTTB Lucy are going through their own adventure, which is very different than ours (being as Shy is not an OTTB), but very interesting. Kate is also quite creative has a website called Polar Square Designs. Check it out and give us a vote! Winners get a single-sided hand-painted saddle pad or a custom 8x10 portrait of their horse or dog, done by Kate!


  1. The magnets are really neat. I guess I'll have to get Instagram.
    Silly Shy... she should be very ashamed! I hope she wins!

    1. Last I looked, we were three way tied for 9th. There are some really bad horses out there ;)

  2. Those magnets are so cute! I'm a big instagram fan, so I might have to get some.


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