Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Circles. . .so simple, yet so complicated. 

We have a show this weekend that we are in no way prepared for. No driving has been done (I finally got new bearings for my cart wheels but they need to be put on), minimal line driving was completed, we did one session of side passing, and that's about it. . .Ugh.

So today we decided to work on our circles while line driving. Of course, the line driven reinsmanship course probably won't even have circles in the pattern this time, but oh well. Last time we did circles they looked like this:
Today, we moved from this:
Hot mess
To this:
Sideways Conehead
We kind of fall apart at the last half of the circle. But we made some progress so we stopped working on the circles and went on a line drive. I took Shyloh past some pretty scary things and was very happy when she decided to trust me and go through (after stopping and trying to turn around a few times). And some guy was on a riding lawn mower cutting the grass and Shy could have cared less about that. She is really coming along. 
And since I came to the barn and found Shy had tried to gouge her eye out. . . 
She must sense we have a show this weekend
I decided to put her fly mask on her. This will keep the gnats out of her ears and the flies away from this cut. And hopefully prevent anymore eye gouging attempts. 
They're all gonna laugh at me!
I just hope she keeps it on. . .but I am pretty sure I will be combing 15 acres looking for it when I go out there next. My first clue to that was watching Shy try to shake the fly mask off. . .
Get off!!
The next clue was watching her try and roll the fly mask off. . .
Be gone, mask!
Oh pony. . .never a dull moment!


  1. I "used" to have a mask just like that. Notice the the word "used" as I don't any more. I hate ears so somehow managed to rip them off!!!

    1. It's funny that as much as Shy hates her ears being touches, she allows it when she can't see me coming at them (when she has the blinders on), when I am putting her bridle on, and when I am not touching them with my hands.

  2. Love the evolution of your circles. Good luck with the fly mask!

    1. Circles are especially hard when the person "controlling" the horse has a hard enough time making circles!

  3. Circles are so hard! Big improvement though :)

  4. you girls are doing so well...I admire all the work you put in!

  5. LOL at her antics to remove the offensive mask!
    Circles are tough. I had a clinician work with me and Pippin using long lines and performing circles, like lunging. He was able to get Pippin to drop his head and bend giving and taking periodically, with the outside rein. It seemed to go against what one would think, but it worked. (Inside rein would be held with light pressure to keep the head in position)
    Good luck! Have fun at the show!

    1. We can do circles when I stand in the middle and have Shy go around me, but when I am line driving behind her it's another story all together!

  6. Tee hee. I like your circles. They are like modern art.


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