Sunday, June 9, 2013

second show photos

The second Northwest Ohio Driving Circuit show as so much fun. Even though I didn't bring Shy and we missed having Jaime and Kyle there, we had a great time. I got to ring steward with some great judges and I took a a ton of photos. Enjoy!

Mare Halter class line up

Rambo and Beth got Halter Reserve Champion
All the kids and their ponies stole the day!
Lining Alliecat up for Showmanship
Stinky was so good for the kids!
Cody and Burt in trail class
Mini horse, mini person. . . they made a cute team!
Even the smallest of kids could handle these awesome ponies.
Skylar and the Great Saint

Youth riding class
Maddie and Alliecat, love their colors!
This team won the Sportsmanship award.
Lead line class
Loved seeing the older kids helping the younger kids
Everyone had fun!
How cute is this?
I love that this Mule and her momma won High Point for the second time! They are amazing!
Ridden Trail, lead line
More ridden trail, lead line
Art and Beth
Mini driving!
Cody and Lady
More Art!
Driving Sariose
More mini driving
It was nice to see a light horse driving, they did great!
Alliecat being driven
We ended the day with some fun classes, like driven egg and spoon and crazy stakes. I love this circuit, the people are so supportive and so much fun. The next circuit show is not until August, but there are a couple other shows in between I hope to bring Shyloh to show. If not, expect a ton more photos, cause I'm going to the shows with or without horse!


  1. Bummer Shy wasn't there. But, loved the pics big time, specially the little ones. Made me have high hopes of unborn grandfoal and me playing like that someday!

  2. Loved those pics, looks like a great day. We especially loved the mule.... are we biased ;-)

  3. What a great way to spend a sunny Sunday morning & afternoon! This is the good stuff.

  4. Great photos Allie! What a pity you couldn't bring Shyloh, but then you wouldn't have any photos!


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