Sunday, September 8, 2013

a new passion for the lead liners

I think we have a driver in the making!
Waiting for our lead liners!
Terry brought Tommy and Lily over to practice with Shyloh for our last show of the season. I love how much information they retain and how much they learn from being around Shy. And, I am pretty sure I say this every time, but I love how patient and calm Shy is with them. Now the kids can lift Shy's hooves on their own to pick her hooves. 

Terry gave them a lesson on steering Shy, off the lead line. They got a little confused because they are used to neck reining from Resy, Shy just wanted to stand in the middle, and they are still struggling with their motor skills and coordination due to their age. But Shy was as wonderful as she could be for the kids. 
Look at my Shy! She is amazing!
Love how Shy takes care of the kids!
After Tommy's lesson it started to rain, so we waited it out in the barn.
Shy lets the kids hang all over her!
So cute!
Is it done raining yet?
Then the plan was to teach Lily to drive Meatball. I figured Lily would be better for this because she is older. Meatball was wonderful. Such a cute little pony and so good under harness. After a couple laps in the front yard, we took Meatball off his lead and let Lily take control. . .yeah, she is not ready for that! Meatball trotted off and broke into a canter for a few steps. Lily thought it was a blast, but Meatball went back on the lead. 
Look at them go!
We were going to take the kids in the back trail with Lily driving Meatball and Tommy riding Shy. But Tommy said he did not want to ride. He wanted to drive. He climbed in that cart, grabbed those lines, and had the absolute biggest smile on his face that I have ever seen!

Can you see his smile?
I ended up taking both kids on the trail with Meatball. Poor Shy got untacked and put back with the big horses. She was really heartbroken over it. . .
I can't wait until they can do this on their own!
I also can't wait to do this again!
As we headed to the back, Tommy called out, "Hi Cwutch!". And no, that is not a typo. 

When we got back, Tommy did not want to stop driving. I am so tickled by this! I think it is great. We have a lot to teach them, it's going to be fun!


  1. Well this is so great.
    Shy really does like the kids too , and look at her face she loves them . AW

    1. She does love those kids. I think she wants the easy life of a lead line pony :)

  2. Adorable! Shy is a good equine ambassador. And a pony named Meatball? Precious!

    1. Shy is doing a wonderful job as equine and Haflinger ambassador! She may have almost converted the Arab horse lover Terry!

  3. Shy seems made for kids, looks so content with the little ones :)

    1. She is. It's crazy how they just seem to know. . .We are having a ton of fun with the kids!

  4. Soooo cute!! The kids have no inhibitions. That's why kids and horses do so well:)

  5. I love it when our horses are good with kids. She's a great babysitter, isn't she?


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