Monday, September 30, 2013

monday musings by shyloh #102

I am performing a magic trick. . .it is slow, but I think it will be successful by the time I am done. With the pure power of my will, I am turning myself into an Appaloosa!

Why an Appaloosa? I do not know. It is all I can seem to do. But I have made white spots all over myself. Sometimes I hide my spots to see if Allie can find them. And I am roaning myself, just a little bit, in certain spots. 
A spot right above my blaze, under my forelock
Spots by my eye and on my nose
More spots by my eye and on my cheek
Spots on my lower jaw under my neck

Spots on my neck under my mane
Spot on this leg
More spots in this crease
Spot on that leg
Spots in the inside leg
I have Allie thoroughly confused as to what is going on with me. These spots are appearing one at a time, randomly, all over my body. They are not due to any ill fitting tack, most of the places where I have put them, a piece of tack never touches. 

How famous will I be when I become the first Haflinger turned Appy? I wonder if I can make myself grow a bit taller in this morphing process? I will have to think tall thoughts!
I am also able to thin my forelock as I make my spots. 


  1. Kapsin has spots also. I always say it was the white that was supposed to be on his head!! By accident all over his body, LOL. I think you don't see mine as much because he has in general a lighter coat. The spots are cute though!!

  2. I think there is actually a term for white spots that appear for no reason. Pigeon or Bird something or other? Sorry just can't think of it. But, the do go away just like they appeared I understand.

    1. Birdcatcher spots. Chubari spots are bigger like paint dollops or something.

  3. Hi! It's been so long since I've visited your blog. I missed you pretty Shyloh!

    I think your spots just add to your excellent personality.


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