Saturday, January 11, 2014

weird teeth

A couple weeks ago when I rode Shyloh I noticed something strange about her. As I put her bridle on, I had to stick my finger in her mouth to get her to open it. I had trained her to open it when I said "open", but it had been a while since I put a bridle on her and Shy was not being cooperative. So I stuck my finger right in there and I felt a bump on her bottom gums. 
Hard to see, but they are there!
Weird. I decided to feel the other side for comparison. Another bump. I had Jaime feel it too. It was definitely a bump on each side. The bumps were right were canines would grow in. . .

But in March of 2012 when she had a float done by an equine dentist, he removed her canine teeth on both sides. These were not wolf teeth, either, since those are on top and Shy had those removed right before I got her. In fact, I actually had the wolf teeth brought to me by the person I bought her from, but I lost them in the hub bub of moving her into our first barn. 

So, my question is, can canine teeth grow in again? I have heard if not all of the root comes out they can, but not getting the root on both sides? Strange. And the fact that she has canine teeth when I have heard that they are not common in mares is odd. Not just one, but apparently two sets. 

I keep checking on them and now they have popped through the gums. Shy is not showing any signs of pain or discomfort from these teeth. She is eating normal and not dropping food. I am not too worried about these extra teeth she has, it is just so not normal. But then again, Shy is so not normal. 

Little mohawk from growing out part of the bridle path.
We made an appointment for an equine dentist to come out to the barn in March. I used him last year (he is different from the one that removed her canines) and I really liked him. Maybe he will have the answers. 


  1. Think about it from another angle. If the equine dentist failed to remove the root on one side, what are the odds that he does that regularly? It'll be interesting to hear what your dentist says in March.
    By the way, wolf teeth can occur top and bottom, but they are always (in my experience anyway) just in front of the molars. These really look like canines. Again.

  2. Really interested to see what the dentist says!! Silly Shy!

  3. Best guess is that dentist removed the "tooth", left the root. Since their teeth continue to grow it's growing from the root?

  4. Either the dentist left the root or these are scars where the bone has filled in. If they aren't painful to her, I would not worry too much.

  5. Shy, why do you do such strange things? Interested to see what comes from this...


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