Monday, January 27, 2014

monday musings by shyloh #118

I had the best weekend ever!

I spent time with Allie cleaning the barn, picking up spilled grain and left over hay. And I got to spend most of my weekend with my big horses. . .and more importantly, the round bale. I was beyond happy!
Haflinger Heaven
At first, Isaac was all up in my ish and I had to squeal and give him a couple double barrel kicks to the chest. Geez, sometimes a girl just doesn't want to be bothered like that. Fortunately, Isaac got my drift and we were able to eat hay together without him harassing by butt. 
I did keep getting kisses though.
Since the two leggers know that I can be a bit difficult when I have access to my round bale, I had to be put back with the minions so I would come in at night. It's cold and windy and the two leggers think that I am bothered by that. I am not, for the record, they seem to forget that I thrive on cold air. Mountain pony. . .right?
Walking up to Allie
I got to go back out and hang out with my big horses again the next day. Even though I needed a new round bale and didn't get one, I still had fun. I had to not so politely remind Isaac again that I was not interested in his nose up my butt. I was also told that my squeals may sound like a bunny dying. . . 
Opposites attract!
At least in the back pasture, I could see all the action in the back field with the horse sledding going on. I sure peaked my interest to watch. And it gave me a reason to run around a bit. 
Sledding is that way. . .

I got some bananas, too! I love bananas, peel and all. Hope everyone has a wonderful week! I know I will if I get lucky enough to hang out with my big horses and round bale again.
Yum!. And a new, girly lead.


  1. Like you I don't mind the cold either. Today while it was fffrrreeezzzziiiinnnggg, I stood out and worked on my tan :)

  2. I'm sure the boys just can't but help to fall in love with you Shyloh, you have such a charming personality. :)

  3. I wish I enjoyed a cold weekend as much as you Shy!


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