Thursday, October 23, 2014


I am realizing that the weather seems to be affecting my moods more and more every year. For the past two weeks, it has been cloudy, damp, rainy, and just crappy out. I have had to drag myself to the barn. Once I am there, I feel better, but getting there is a struggle. I thought I was having a rough September, but it spilled into October and I foresee November not being any better. But such is life. 

I went to the barn over the weekend and as soon as I grabbed all my stuff, it started to rain. So I put it all away and went to chill with Shyloh under the trees. Once again, she was covered in burrs, so I de-burred her. She had some on her ears, which she was not happy about. I actually had to put her in a hold to get them out, which resulted in a pissed off pony and me being shook about. 

But yesterday, the sun came out! And it was glorious. It was just what I needed. I love the ritual of being with my pony. Pulling up to the barn, getting my grooming supplies out of my locker, putting them in our area, then going to get Shy is so simple, yet so comforting. Once I get her, we walk side by side to our area where I give Shy her food and start the grooming process. I de-burr, brush brush brush, and pick feet. By this time, I have forgotten all my troubles and I feel like a new person. And Shy is just so perfect for me. 

Then I tack Shy up. I love that she makes everything so easy for me. She never fights tack and stands beautifully. Yesterday, since it was so nice out, I decided to line drive her through the woods. Maybe we would run into some turkeys to chase. 

It was the most wonderful line drive ever. We shuffled through the woods, crunching the leaves under our feet and walking over branches. 

Shy had a beautiful forward walk. She was not bothered by the noises of the leaves or the branches touching her. Sometimes, we didn't even see the sticks on the ground until they were stepped on, snapped, or rolled upward to touch legs or belly. Shy didn't bat an eye at this. I think we may have unlocked the key with an open bridle. 

I was thinking while we were line driving how awesome it would be if Shy (and myself) were this calm and collected with a cart and how much fun we would have. Maybe one day we can revisit this. 

I hope the sun can stay out. It doesn't have to be warm, just not cloudy. Also, my pony is incredibly fat. Ugh!She doesn't even eat that much! I think we need to add more work to our ritual. I like a chunky horse going into winter, but this is getting out of control. 


  1. Vitamin D deficiency is very common and this is the time of year when people really start feeling it, it will make you feel very low. It couldn't hurt to try supplementing a bit of it to see if it helps, it sure does for me. That, and plenty of pony/donkey time:)

  2. Yes! Try the vitamin D supplement! I have to take 5000 I.U.s every day all year because I'm so deficient. It is a very common problem. I used to feel the same way about cloudy, overcast weather but now it doesn't bother me as much. If only I could find something to help with being cold though hehe. I get my vitamin D3 from Sams for a really good price. The brand is Simply Right. Any store or pharmacy will have it though. It definitely can't hurt you, so I would give it a shot and see if it helps. Being deficient can lead to all sorts of problems besides just feeling crappy when the sun isn't out.

    Shy looks great! I like my horses to be plump going into winter too, but being fat isn't any healthier for them than it is for us so increasing her work is probably a really good idea. :)

    Sorry the burrs are still causing problems. In the ears? Ow!! What a drag!

  3. Ugh, I am right there with you on the mood thing. Autumn sucks sometimes :-(

  4. I think you were the one that recommended Vitamin D to me last year when my boss forced me to take a week off because I was so crazy. It plus a SAD light changed my life last year. Hang in there and keep spending time with Shy, doctor's orders! :)

  5. Funny how I never thought of that when it came to me! But, yes. I think I need to get on that pronto!

  6. I am SO totally with you on the weather/mood thing. And the whole "doesn't have to be warm but be sunny!" thing. This is the time of year in the east that makes me want to move away!


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