Tuesday, October 14, 2014

what's in a name blog hop

Hand Gallop asks us, What's in a name?
Shyloh didn't really come with a name. In fact, she went about a week without one since she was dropped off at the barn. 
First day at the barn!
During that time, I got to know her. . . as much as she tried to avoid it. She refused to be caught, taking upwards of two hours and six people, she was head shy, jumpy, and had no real interest in people taking an interest in her. She actually went out of her way to steer clear of human contact.

So I spent some time thinking about a name for her, employed some friends to do the same thing. Then I spent the weekend at my dad's house. While I was there, we were throwing a bunch of names around and one name kept coming back. . .Shiloh or Shyloh or Chyloh.
That hair!
I decided to go with Shyloh, obviously. It fit her. And she completely ignored it. Even to this day, she may look up when I call her name, but usually grass or standing or anything is better than running towards me. 

Later, after tracking down the few weeks after she came from the auction and before she came to me, I discovered that she was called Ginger and Pumpkin. Anything before the auction, I cannot find. I have no clue if she is registered, but I highly doubt it. I have no clue what farm she was born on, if she spent her whole life in Michigan or not, who her sire or dam are, siblings, nothing. 
Her hair sure holds that curl from braids!
That doesn't really matter to me. Shy is mine. But I think it would be cool to know, to have a history. And if Shy ever got a show or registered name, it would be Miss Sassy Shyloh Templeton.

The name still fits her, even though her goofyness has really surfaced. She is shy around new people. She takes a while to warm up. But when she decides a person is okay, she is hilarious. I love it.


  1. I love that show/registered name idea!! You should totally use it. :D I think Shyloh is the perfect name for her.

  2. She has come a long way!!
    It would be so wonderful to know her full history. But then again… maybe you don't want to know!

  3. What a good story! Shyloh sounds like it fits her perfectly. :)


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