Thursday, November 6, 2014


I have no new updates. . .boring, right? More crappy, rainy weather has been happening. And now that it is almost dark by the time I get to the barn, it really sucks. 

Shyloh is preparing herself for winter by continuing to grow in fuzz. Lots of fuzz. Fuzz that still finds its way to burrs. Burrs that bury themselves in fuzz. It seems never ending. 

But Shy makes a really cute fuzzy pony. And more fuzz is yet to come. 

Fuzzy legs
Fuzzy ears
Fuzzy head, sad disappearing forelock
I've been reading about horses already being clipped and blankets being put on. . . and I am just not ready for winter. She does not get clipped or blanketed, she gets to be a hairy beast all winter. We don;t do nearly enough to warrant a clip and I am pretty sure I would be walking 15 acres looking for a torn up blanket if I went that route. Plus, she has plenty of shelter in the woods from the wind and rain and she has always been warm when I touch her in the winters. 

So, how fuzzy are your horses?


  1. Mitch is very very very very sans the fuzzy. He got his shaving job done last week (and then it promptly rained) but now it's in the 80s (80 yesterday and right now at this very minute it's hovering at about 85)

  2. Loki doesn't get extremely fuzzy but his winter coat is definitely here. I don't clip either. I do ride through the winter but I keep it pretty easy so he usually doesn't get too hot and sweaty. Shyloh is very cute as a fuzzy beast!

  3. Ugh I wish Chrome were that fuzzy!! He doesn't grow much of a winter coat. :/ Shy is definitely adorable in all her fuzziness. :D

  4. Kaspin is sooo fuzzy too that he is like a duck. Water just rolls off of him and never sinks into skin. I have never had to blanket so far either. :)

  5. My mare is getting pretty darn fleecy, but I am so glad because it is going to be in the 20s tonight. I LOVE haflingers by the way. When my horse was having a lame summer (literally!), I rode a haflinger named Bella and fell in love with her. She was willing to try anything and was adorable on top of it.


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