Wednesday, November 19, 2014

year end awards

A couple weekends ago, we had the Northwest Driving Circuit Year End Awards party. This year we have away some really cool prizes which included harness boxes with engraved plaques, cart stands, belt buckles, NWODC clothing, and a bunch of other stuff. All the kids got sack packs with the logo on it, too.

Me and Shyloh got first place for Trail in Hand! I was super excited for this, it was something that we have worked very hard on. And, I think that is pretty good, since we missed the double judges show. We got a trail kit, which included cones and poles. I am excited about using that to practice more. Plus, Shy really likes doing this stuff and we can also work on it whole riding. Now, I need a bridge. . .

After the awards part, everyone partook in some bowling fun. I love this group of people that we show with. Every one has fun and encourages each other to do their best. I am looking forward to next years shows!

Also, my internet at home is spotty and the weather has plummented to below freezing in a matter of days. Shy's fuzz is keeping her super warm, but I do not have nearly as much fuzz as her, so posting may be sporadic for a while. 


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