Thursday, May 31, 2012

breaks, braids, and barrels

We started the day on a bad note. . .I had Shyloh running off some excess energy in the arena before her lesson. Since she just wanted to hang out the barn doors and eat grass, I had to make her run. Once I got her going, she was running and bucking and having herself a good old time. So good that she continued running straight through the 2x4 that that blocks the barn doors and off into the deep, deep grass. I got her corralled into a pasture and went to get her. 
 Crazy horse, who does she think she is? Haha! I'm glad that she did not get hurt though!

Before the lesson, I worked on my mane roll. This was the best one yet! Still needs a lot of work and it kinda fell apart near the end, but we are so close to getting it right!

For the lesson, we decided to do something fun. The barrels were out for Markie, so Beth wanted to see if she could make Shy a barrel racer! Fun! But going into this, you have to realize. . .1) Shy can't pick up correct leads consistently; 2) Shy has not yet been taught lead changes, and 3) Shy has never gone into the canter from a stand still.

I present to you: Shyloh the Barrel Racing Haflinger!
I think it is safe to say that she prefers dressage over barrel racing, haha! But it was fun and she was a good sport about it.

I got on Shy next. She was so good, again! I walked the barrel pattern, but attempted the trot at the end. Oops, I had the reins to loose and Shy took full advantage as she tried to exit the arena on her own accord, head in the air. I did get her to stop and we worked on some more turns on the forehand. And I did get her to trot again! She is hard to control when she is trotting. Beth agrees (but Beth has so much more experience, she can handle it) and said it is just something we need to work on. . .balance and control at the trot. 

I am so surprised at two great days in a row riding Shy!


  1. How fun! I tried running barrels on Estes once - I think we hit all of the barrels on the wrong lead, but it was a blast.

    I'm glad you've had a couple of good rides.

    1. It was fun to watch her!
      Thanks! We are gonna keep working up until we can get on those trails :)

    2. Ah, bless her. She tries so hard to please :) I loved watching that video :) x

  2. I'm thinking that the Gymkhana Girls are safe - no threat from Shy!
    I tried Doc with barrels. I think someone else had done them with him. He perked up and he turned around them very tightly!
    Congrats on another great ride!

    1. Beth discovered one of her horses has run barrels before, too! He knew exactly what to do. Fun!

      Thanks :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! She does look so silly when she is running!

  4. Oh what fun! Shy did sooooo awesome. And good for you trotting, one step at a time works for sure.

  5. Yay! So fun! Shy is the fastest, most awesome Barrel Trotter (instead of racer) on the planet lol!

    On the mane roll are you standing on a stool over her or trying to do it from the ground? In this video that I watch she was pulling it straight up (of course she was doing a mini lol) which made the roll sit on the crest. Here is the video in case you haven't seen it.


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