Monday, May 7, 2012

monday musings by shyloh #36

Guess who's back? Back again? Dream pony's back, tell a friend!

I am back and better than ever! So much to share. . .what first?

I graduated from the German martingale! Back to regular reins for me. And I am doing good in them. And guess what we did?
Jumped!! Never mind that we did it in a dressage saddle. . .we were just trying it out and I went over! But not like Casear. . .Beth tried jumping him for the first time ever and he did good at 1.5 feet. Then he decided to get fancy on all of us and jumped the 4.5 foot pasture gate! Whoa! And all he did was scrape his leg. 

But back to me. . .I was soft and supple and not scooty at all! It is because I am awesome. I was feeling really pokey yesterday and I made Beth work her legs pretty hard. My thought is that if you want to ride me, you must be an active participant. I am not a couch! But then Beth got "my best friend", which really not my friend at all: the whip. She doesn't even have to use it, just knowing that she has it gets me moving! Enjoy some canter transitions. . .I still need the German martingale for those. Something about moving off my rear end during those is just so difficult right now with out it.
Today was even better. I got to ride in my Western tack. What a difference. . .I was not used to it and got surprised a few times at how different it felt, but no scooting!  Beth did leg yields, which I rock at and canter work.  My canter still needs work, but everything else is all good!
Then. . .da da da dum. . .
Allie rode me! She learned how to disengage my rear end properly and we walked around a bit. She had to work to keep me going, because I don't really believe her when she tell me to walk on. She needs to say it like she means it! But, I was so good and when I was done I got a banana and blueberries. Yum!
Go me! I am an awesome horse!



  1. Yes... you are, indeed, an awesome horse!

  2. Well, of course your awesome. All my friends are you know!

  3. Yes, Shy - you are indeed awesome. And I like your taste in fruit. Have you tried strawberries? Or pretzels?

    1. Pretzels, yes. But I can't have those anymore. I have not tried strawberries. . .hmmm. Sounds yummy!

  4. You are awesome!! You look so cute jumping hehe. :D


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