Friday, May 4, 2012

shyloh's busy day

Shyloh had a very busy day today! I had been looking for a vet that I like for her. The first vet I used that did her fall shots was okay, but I was still looking for something else. The vet I had come out for fall shots was awful! He did not have a good "stall-side" manner and when I asked for a well-check his reply was that he does not do those. What? 

I have been observing this other vet come out to the barn in the past few weeks. He is a quiet man, but patient and very thorough. He had to come out again today, so I asked him to do a well check on Shy. Part of the reason for this is that he did exams and spring shots for a bunch of other horses at the barn and we found that the equine dentist we had out did all the teeth wrong! What? That guy was pretty highly recommended and travels all over the country to do teeth. We were pretty upset and Beth had called him and did not get a positive response from him. 

Unfortunately, the only time this vet could come out was in the morning and I was unable to take the day off of work to be there. Beth and Robin helped with Shy for me. She had some hooks on her way back teeth (ugh) and sore withers and a sore back. The soreness was probably from playing outside in the mud and ice over the winter. And it also explains the reason the the more Beth rides her during a session, the harder she becomes on the left side. So, now we need a chiropractor. 

Luckily, we have one coming out Wednesday and he has done wonders for some of the horses on the barn. Shy will be added to his roster. But the report was that she was a perfect patient for the new doc!

By the time I got to the barn, it was time for the farrier. I asked all my questions, which he patiently answered. He said Shy's feet look good. The stress marks are probably from a change in diet about four to five months ago (coincidentally, I took her off her small ration of grain around that time). But, she does not have white line issues (there is no separation or crumbly-ness) and he trimmed her up. She was great for the farrier.

Shy was probably thinking if she was done for the day. Nope! In preparation for the show me most likely will be going to, I decided to try and trim up her whiskers. This kinda made me sad, because I like her whiskers! But I did it. I was shocked with how good she was! She let me trim her whiskers off and even let me trim her ears. She hates her ears being touched! I think it was a little ticklish on her chin because that was the only part she tried to move her head from. 
Clip clip, no more whiskers :(
Last, I wanted to try and do a mane roll in her mane. We missed the braiding class at the clinic, but I Googled it and thought I had a good grasp on the concept. Mares do not need a mane roll for draft class, but I want one for her. The grasp I had did not translate to my hands and it was a mess. Robin's friend Dawn helped me braid Shy's hair, without the ribbon, and it turned out really pretty! I have a lot of work ahead of me if I want to get this braiding thing down. . .
Hopefully it will stay!
Whew! What a day: vet, feet, clip, and braid!


  1. Love the braid <3 She had quite a day!

  2. Braid looks awesome Shy! Boy, I thought I had a bad day with just the Vet thing. Glad the hoof lines were just from your change in diet. Our hooves can really tell amazing stories about our lives!

  3. that looks so GOOD! I want to have a pet of Shy! lol

  4. She is so cute with her braid!! She sure had a busy day. I'm glad the vet found the soreness so the chiro can get it sorted out before it becomes a problem! Maybe some of her stiffness and wrong lead issues will fix themselves after her adjustment. :D


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