Saturday, May 5, 2012

goofing off

Shyloh's beautiful braid, ruined by a good night's sleep. The horsey version of bed head!

Shy, wondering why she doesn't get some grain and searching the empty scoopers for a pellet of precious grain.

On the way outside for the day. . .  gotta take some hay along for the extra long way out to the pasture.

Derby hat! Shy asks why there are no Haflingers the Kentucky Derby? Because TB's need a chance to win, haha!

My attempt at the braid on Shy. As soon as she shook her head, it fell out. It only took me an hour and several attempts to get it right. . .clumsy hands.

Has anyone ever heard a horse burp? Shy was burping some stinky burps today. I have never heard her do this before. It was gross (said the person who burps all the time). Well, her burps stunk! 

And this horse in intent on making me lame! She stepped on the top of my foot (broken toe foot) today. Ouch!


  1. Looking good even with the bed head. The bucket thing welllllll, my human thinks it's cute! You think just like me if you gotta do something do it with hay in your mouth. Way to go gurl.

  2. The braid looks pretty! I like to use extra hold hair gel while I braid, pull the strands as tight as possible, and then finish by spraying with QuicBraid or hairspray. After I do this, I can usually get it to stay in for up to two days or so IF I put a sleazy hood on the horse at night to protect the braid :)

  3. Loved the braid and the joke about Haffies and the Derby!

    An OTTB I used to ride would burp but it wasn't burping - it was more like hiccups called "thumps".

    Also, a horse with choke will burp stinky bile-smelling burps.

    Probably neither apply here - Shy seems to be her sweet, healthy happy self!

  4. I love the picture with the bucket on her head hehe. Sorry about your foot again. I hope it didn't hurt too bad.


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