Friday, May 11, 2012

sabotaging the clueless

Oh Shyloh. . . what am I to do with her? Today, she was the first horse brought outside. After she was let loose in her pasture, Kathy realized it was a grass pasture day (not a barely grass pasture day) and went to get Shy's muzzle and put her in the pond pasture. Well, this mare was having none of it. Shy would not let Kathy catch her to put her with the rest of her herd, so she ended up spending the day in a large pasture by herself. She could have cared less. However, she did manage to somehow do this:
What the heck?
. . .all by herself in a pasture with barely anything in it! How? The answer is clear. She somehow knows that we are going to a show on Sunday and she is sabotaging me. Maybe it is my constant clipping of her excess whiskers and one long chest hair. Maybe it is my awful attempts at putting a mane roll in her hair.

By the way, can anyone do a mane roll? I have watched YouTube videos all day trying to get the concept. I even played/paused a video while trying to get this think in Shy's mane! Unsuccessful does not even begin to describe the disaster that came out of Shy's mane.Somewhere between my brain and my fingers a connection has gone awry. Try as I might, I just cannot get it! Luckily she is a mare and does not NEED a mane roll for the show, but I kinda want her to have one. I am sure if she did, it would look very pretty. 
Got the mane to go on one side!
With the show coming up, so is the anxiety. I have zero idea what I am doing. Basically, we will be winging it and hope we wing it well. We are going to attempt four events and none of them involve me riding Shy. Ha! Maybe one day, but we need a lot more practice for that! I just hope we don't make a total fool of ourselves. . . You know, because when I try to use a stick to move Shy's legs to square her up, she waves. . .

The good thing is that we are doing the draft class and it seems to be more laid back than other shows. Win or lose, as long as we both are having fun, I plan to keep doing the shows. It is a great experience for us. 

We did practice our line driving a bit today. Of course, Shy, true to her inner-Halfinger, gave me a hard time to start. Why is it when I ask her to whoa, she does, then moves to the left, the whoas, then moves to the left, and by the time she is done, she is 90 degrees from the spot where she was supposed to stop? Then, she refuses to move forward. 

But after a obligatory hard time, Shy did great. We did cones, figure eights, circles, back ups, and more whoas. Robin even took a turn line driving her! Then we went outside to practice. Awesome again! Even with Beth's dad moving the lawn!

Tomorrow is going to be clean Shy up as best as we can day! I hope the weather is nice enough for a bath. . .


  1. I have never heard of 'mane rolling' before. I watched a few videos. It looks so pretty!
    Good luck at the show! I can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. I think I can roll a mane about as easily as I can french braid--that is, not at all.

    Good luck on your show!!

    1. I think braiding was made for people who have three hands ot 15 fingers or something. I can't do it either!


  3. Sorry, no help with mane rolling here! Before going in the ring, remember you've already won the class as you're the only one who gets to take Shy home with you. She's your blue ribbon!

  4. : ) You're going to have sooo much fun next weekend with Shy! Honestly, from experience, there's nothing quite like your first go at it together with your heart horse! And Shy and you will rock it, with (or without) a mane roll!

    P.S. If you DO figure it out, use LOTS of hair spray! You don't want to be rebraiding that! : )

  5. Um I have no idea what a mane roll is. Now I have to go look it up lol.

    That sucks about the cut on her face!! I hope it wasn't deep.


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