Wednesday, June 26, 2013

back to clicking

My first time out to see Shyloh since the show and all the work she put in there. She was totally fine and did not appear to be sore. . .in fact, she was rather spunky. 

She is also very clean from the rain we have had!
I decided to try something we have not done in six months or so. . .clicker training! I wanted to do something with Shy and it was too hot and humid to do anything else. So, I grabbed the clicker and some hay pellets and got to work.

Um. . .I had not planned this in advance and just thought about doing it on the way to the barn and I had a hard time recalling what we have went over. Bad clicker trainer. I ran through our tricks. Click and treat. I practiced having her pick each foot up. Click and treat. We worked on yielding her hind quarters. Click and treat. We worked on side passing. Click and treat. We worked on backing. Click and treat. I was amazed by how Shy retained all of the stuff we had been doing! Click and treat!

Then I decided to get our mat out. I put it down and told Shy to go to her mat. And she did!
Hurrrrr, I'm on the mat!
We had not done anything with the mat in an even longer time. But Shy remembered like a pro! I worked on having her stand on the mat while I walked around her. I worked on having her walk to the mat from a distance. She was even able to fix her feet when I asked by making sure both hooves were completely on the mat. 

I think Shy likes doing this stuff because we were doing it completely off the lead. Shy could have walked away or ignored me at any time, but she chose to stay. Happy me!

By now, I was dripping in sweat from the heat. I decided to have a little  fun with Shy and I put her in the pasture with the pond. I wanted to see what she would do. 
Splash face in pond
Wade in pond
Watch duck in pond
Eat grass near pond
Run from me
And when I was ready to bring her back, Shy wanted to play catch me if you can. I finally caught her when she stopped to pee. Otherwise, I think I would still be chasing after her.  I am thinking I want to get back into clicker training with Shy and teach her a few more tricks and useful things. 


  1. What a good girl! I love the mat. Its like the work I saw Double Dan do at Equine Affaire a year or two back. Very nice!

    1. I think that is where I got the idea from. Now that I can get her to go to the mat, I am kinda stuck on where to go from there.

  2. It's amazing the memories they have. So much better than mine for sure :)

  3. That's so neat :) She's really in tune with you and what you want, how awesome!

    1. Sometimes, I think it has more to do with the food. . . I am pretty sure Shy likes food more than me.

  4. Shes so cute. That pond is looking mighty green.

    1. She has to be cute! Otherwise. . .
      It is topped with this green stuff, not sure what it is. The duck didn't seem to mind :)

  5. GAH 2nd time leaving a comment, stoopid Bloglovin!

    Anyway, could you use clicker training to teach her to be caught? Bring her mat and ask her to stand on it?

    And I love the way horses never forget anything!!

    1. I probably could use it, but she has been real good about being caught lately. Just when I turned her out onto this new pasture with new grass she was being a brat. But bringing in the mat is a great idea!! I will have to try it! If nothing else, maybe she will come up to it so I don;t have to walk all the way to her!

  6. Glad to hear that you both had fun with the clicker training. :)

    Definitely a good choice for a hot and humid day.




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