Wednesday, June 12, 2013

other horse behaviors

I am going on a much needed vacation for a few days. As I was soaking Shyloh in fly spray, Swat, and sunscreen I had an offer from some of the ladies at my barn. They said that if the flies are really back they will grab Shy and spray her down.

I told them I really appreciated that, but I don't think she would let them catch her. They responded that, oh Shy walks up to them all the time. . .Shy will come running to see what they are up to when they ride in the big pasture next to hers. . .Shy always stays with the herd so when they come running up front so does she. Hmmmm. . .

I actually love hearing other people's stories about my horse. It gives me a glimpse into what she is doing when I am not around. Sometimes it is like she is a different horse. I have heard stories of Shy getting through the gate (into another gated paddock area) and causing a ruckus, refusing to go back to where she is supposed to be. I have heard the she flirts with Buddy the Belgian through the fence. I have heard that she gallops out back at lightening speed to get to the grass first.

Where is this horse when I am around? I usually catch Shy at standing around time or nap time. It's not really that exciting. And while I almost always have a fun time with her, like yesterday when we were playing chase, it would be exciting to see her do other things. I guess for now, I'll have to settle for the stories.
Chasing me!
Any really, she is pretty funny when I am around. Like the other day when I put her back in the herd and the herd had moved to the back. . .without her expressed permission I am guessing. Being boss mare provides her the opportunity to move her herd where she pleases, as I have seen quite often. But when I took her halter off, Shy stopped and looked around.
Where are my horsies??
Her ears got real intent on listening for her herd, then she called out. And Shy is not a vocal horse. Another horse answered her back, and off she trotted to their location. My horse is smart. . .no sense in searching 15 acres for the herd when you can just "call" them. 

Shy also enjoys her spot near the gate or front of the fence, especially at feeding time. I have notices that she will nip at other horses' butts when they encroach on her space.
Move on Prince
I think she has also solidified her boss mare spot, as now when a horse is standing somewhere she feels that it should not be standing, all she has to do is flick her ears back and off that horse goes. 

Unless of course it is Traveller. She just loves that horse. . .
Always together <3
Even his butt!


  1. So funny, how they pick who they like and who they don't. I hear Karin talk about it all of the time. What a hoot! I wonder if they notice the same thing about people. Love the pic with Shy and Traveller. Can't miss that they're friends.

    1. They are best of friends. And I love watching how they pick their buddies. They really do have their preferences!

  2. My BO always has fun stories about my guys when I'm not around since she gets to watch them all the time since she can see them from her house. Fortunately, I get to watch a lot of their antics when I'm around, too. <3 horse personalities

    1. Me too! They are so different. I wonder if they think they are as funny as we do?

  3. Looks like LOVE with Traveller, what a handsome couple! Hope you had a nice relaxing vacation.

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