Sunday, June 2, 2013

product review: standlee hay products

Standlee Hay makes mostly different types of hay pellets and cubes. I have used their products such as the Timothy pellets, Alfalfa pellets, and the Timothy/Alfalfa mix pellets many times in the past since they are so easy to get at Tractor Supply. Usually, I used them as a treat for clicker training because they are small and easy to carry in my pockets. I have never used the actual hay products they carry, such as Timothy Hay, just because the barns I have boarded at always provided hay. 

My new barn mixed the Standlee Hay products in grain during the winter for extra calories to help keep the horses warmer. Shyloh and all the pasture horses had no problem gobbling down the hay pellets. There was never any left behind.

And I have discovered that Standlee Hay products makes Whinny Nicker Horse treats, as well. They come in a 4 oz bad, a 3 lb bag, or an 8 lb bag. 
Featured here is the 3 lb bag
For my product review, since I could not guarantee that Shy would have exclusive access to the pellets or cubes, I opted to go the treat route. And while the pellets and cubes are easy to find and stocked by every Tractor Supply, the treats are another story. I could not find them anywhere in my area and TSC was not able to order them into the store.

So I contacted Standlee customer service via email. I am not joking when two minutes after I sent the email I got a reply! Wow, talk about fast service! The reply acknowledged that TSC did not carry the treats, but offered a couple websites which did offer them.

I ordered the treats from Amazon and waited for their arrival. Amazon was a little pricier, but with the free shipping it was totally worth it. The treats from the other site were cheaper, but the shipping was outrageous! I think over all, compared to other horse treats of the same type and size, these treats cost a tad more. But the only ingredients in these treats are "sun cured timothy grass forage and sun cured alfalfa hay forages, cranberries infused with apple juice, and bentonite." (taken from ingredient list)  Bentonite is a clay that supposedly has detoxification properties, but I think it is used as a natural binding agent in this case. 

After our work one day, I gave Shy a broken cube. I think she liked them!
Tasting. . .

Singing the praises of the Whinny Nicker treats!
Then I went around the barn giving treats out to all the horses. The reviews were outstanding! I also shared with the pasture horses. . .
Dancer likes the treats!
Traveller likes the treats, with Rainy Day looking in and waiting for her turn
Even donkeys like the treats!
They were begging for more! Mobbing me is more like it. . .

I would definitely buy the Whinny Nicker treats again. I like that they are not super processed with a ton of artificial ingredients and sugars. And best of all, Shy loved them! They got many smiles of approval!
Big smiles for the treats!


  1. That last picture is the seal of approval!

    1. It is. She is not afraid to give her opinion on foods.

  2. Where was I when you waz handing out free treats ;(

    1. Oops, so sorry Camryn. Next time we are passing out treats, you are invited for sure!

  3. This is so cute. I love all the horses enjoying treats. Shy is of course the cutest of them all.


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