Monday, June 10, 2013

monday musings by shyloh #90

Apparently, Allie felt that since she couldn't get me to the show that we had to do work. We went on a line driving extravaganza. I tried my very best to get out of work. I tried to be scared of everything!
Can you see me? I was just chillin' with my homies and these tractors when I got pulled out to do work!
A new pile of dirt. . .scoot away. Allie tried to make me look at it, but I wanted no part in it. I kept trying to turn around. . .you never know what kind of horse eating creature can emerge from disrupted earth. . . zombies are just one thing that comes to mind.
Getting ready for work. . .grumpy pony am I
And while I was being forced to be zombie food, someone ran from the barn with a wheelbarrow making all kinds of noise. Spook! Then Allie made me follow it to where it was being dumped.
Working it!
Next came the flowers. See, these are new flowers hanging on a post. I did not like them suspended in the air like that. Flowers should not hover like that, they belong firmly planted in the ground. I could barely look at these flowers and I wanted nothing to do with them. Of course, all Allie wanted me to do was go near the flowers. After a fight, I walked by them, but I was not happy about it. Next, Allie said the magic words. . .Touch it. So I did! I shoved my nose right in those flowers. I know that when Allie says to touch stuff, I usually get treats! But not this time. . .
No treats! That's not how you treat a Haflinger!
We went through the barns, around the barns, worked on stopping, worked on stepping over without moving forward, just did a bunch of work. Some of the stuff in the barns scared me and I didn't want to go past them, but Allie had the whip at the ready and tapped me onward. I was tired when we got done. Perhaps going to shows is less work than staying home? Nah. .  . I don't think so!
Big yawn!


  1. Love the hang out area. Can any of you drive a tractor? If you learn maybe less work for you?

    1. Shy has tried. . .
      I have no idea why they like to hang out there.

  2. Ach, if you went to the show not only would you have to do hard work, but you'd be bothered the day(s) before with all of that beauty routine stuff. Why is it that no on appreciates a horsey horse with mud and crud all over?!

    1. Right! They need a class to judge the most horse like horse!

  3. You can never be too careful when it comes to zombies!!! :-)


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