Friday, August 23, 2013

back with the herd

Shyloh is finally out of raging heat and has been let back in with the herd. She is quite pleased.

Shy feels that this is where she belongs
Although Isaac is a bit confused as to why Shy doesn't seem to like him as much anymore. . .
Totally ignored by Shy. . .
Poor guy, got his heart played with. He followed Shy all around and all she did was mini kick at him. I didn't get to work Shy today because me and Jaime spent the afternoon travelling around looking for a bit for her driving pony.

Meet Dexter. He is an ugly little fellow, but he drives and he moves real nice. 

He has some ground issues, like being hard to catch and not exactly standing still when being harnessed. But once attached to the cart he is a solid pony. I told Jaime I would try and work my magic with catching him. I grabbed some Sticky Buns treats and walked up to him. He took a piece then ran off. I followed, but then stopped and turned away. He immediately stopped and started walking toward me. Ha! I read places that this worked and it is true. I had tried it many times with Shy. . .the not following, the no eye contact, the turning away. Did not work at all with her. She was like, good, I am being ignored, she forgot about me and now she will leave me alone. But with Dexter, it worked perfectly. We caught him in a matter of minutes. Then, we put his harness on and hooked him to the cart. Jaime too him for a spin.

While they were working, Shy was busy snorting and making her WTF noise. She was not pleased with the the new mat at the hitching post. 
Is it safe?
She was also not sure what she thought about the four wheeled cart being pulled by the pony. I made her walk up to it then we walked along it. 
It makes a funny noise!
While we were at it, I figured that we might as well check out the mail box. Remember, the mailbox she hated during the trail course?

And Shy walked right up to this mailbox.
Crazy eyes are just from the flash
Grrrr. . . I put Shy back with the big boys and girl and donkey and she was happy as can be. Hopefully she will be better about coming inside and not play catch me if you can. Although, Kyle did say that she prefers to bring her own self in, if the gate is left open she walks in the barn on her own, like the boys. What a brat!


  1. Dexter looks like quite the character!

    Hormones hey Shy, sometimes it's hard to be a woman....

    1. I feel bad for Isaac who doesn't understand what is going on!

  2. That mailbox was full of boogie men the last time , this time they were"t home ;)

    1. I guess, haha! It may also have been the sidepassing to the mailbox that got her. Sometimes, all I have to do it look at Shy and she will sidepass, other times, not so much.


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