Saturday, August 3, 2013

what haflinger withdrawals lead to. . .

One day, Jaime said to me that she was having Haffie withdrawals. So I said, let me fix that! And today, Shyloh moved in to Jaime's farm so Jaime will never go into Haflinger withdrawals again. 

I know all about Haflinger withdrawals. Mine usually begin minutes after leaving Shy or any other Haflinger and are accompanied by shakes, sweats, upset stomach, headache, and a strong desire to go back to said Haflinger. I would never want another person to go through such terrible suffering from not being in contact with a Haflinger, so I gave Jaime permanent access to Shy.
Where am I?
As soon as Shy stepped of the trailer the big boys, Notch, Clutch, and Isaac started checking her out. It is true that she is a sexy, blonde beast and if these boys could cat call, they would have!
A mare!!
But once Shy went in with her new herd (including Reba, a newly acquired Shire mare, and Shady), Clutch became his grumpy, old man self and started picking on Shy. She got ran around for a short time, but was not afraid to kick out when warranted. After a while, the herd separated itself. . .the three black horses, Notch, Clutch, and Reba stayed together and Shy, Isaac, and Shady formed their own little group. 
The three misfits
Shy explored her new pasture as she tasted the grass and discovered the round bale.
All this? Just for me?
I worked on getting my stuff put up and situated. Shy will be outside pretty much all the time, but she will come in to eat. Jaime and Kyle had built standing stalls to feed the horses. 
Shy's stall
My corner of tack
Shy was a little jumpy at her new surroundings, but not anxious or overexcited. We did have one incident when I went to show her the apple tree. I walked Shy up to the tree and still holding on to her, I picked the apple. As I pulled a branch down to get it, the end of the limb touched the electric fence and it felt like I was hit in the chest with a 2 by 4! Ouch! The fence is super electrified to keep in four draft horses! Shy got hit through me and took off. As I walked up to her with the apple, she kept running and tossing her head! No electric apples for Shy!

Aside from that, Shy seems to be settling in well. She will have to learn a new routine and figure out herd dynamics, but she will work it all out. It's a new adventure!
And there are chickens!


  1. Replies
    1. Actually, she is about the same distance,but in another direction.

  2. You're a dark horse, keeping this under your hat!
    Hope it works out well with your friends. You'll have a lot of support working with her I'd say!

    1. It wasn't something that was in the works. . .it happened kinda quick. Loved my other barn, but circumstances led me to move. We will have a ton of fun and hopefully get in a bunch of driving now!

  3. Wow exciting! Looks like a great place and lovely herd, you're gonna have so much fun :)

    1. I love those big horses and that mini. We will have a blast with those guys :)

  4. Wow. I get busy and can't read for a couple of days and you up and move!

    Hope Shy likes this new place.


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