Wednesday, August 7, 2013

hay baby

Holy fatness, batman. . .Shyloh is growing a hay baby! Her belly is rapidly expanding between the grass and the round bale. Shy even gets night night hay, which she has not been eating so we are going to cut out completely. I hope her harness girth fits because as it was, it was on the last hole and a tight fit. . .

Her sides stick out so far!
Other than her growing hay baby belly, Shy is adjusting very well. She knows which stall is hers, she comes in with no problem at night, and she has not destroyed anything. She is a good pony. 
Belly almost touches the ground. . .
And Shy is making friends. Between hanging with Isaac and Shady, and Notch, Shy now has been hanging with Reba. I am not sure if grumpy Clutch will ever let Shy hang with him, but as long as he isn't biting her or running her off (running her off too much, some running would probably help the giant belly situation), I am sure Shy is fitting in just fine. 
Shy and Reba
I finally got bearings for my cart and I had fully intended on putting them in and putting the wheels back on today. But I forgot my tool that puts the thing on the thing that holds the wheel on. . .so technical. By Friday, I hope to have my cart up and running soon so I can start working Shy and work that belly off (hopefully off of both of us). I think Shady was trying to tell me something about that when she snuggled up to me and them bit my chunky side. 
Shady's favorite spot
As for Shy, we really need to get that hay baby down, so until the cart is in driving shape, we may have to utilize the round pen. I am sure Shy will be thrilled about that. . .
I can see the round pen being a problem for me though. . .
Shy, totally okay with her hay baby


  1. Yeah, she got big awful quick! Time to work that baby!

  2. That's the plan. . .plus, I see a return of the grazing muzzle in the very near future!


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